Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tomorrow, the first of the month of March will arrive and some of the top mail/online order catalogs are ready for the upcoming warm seasons. So far, Restoration Hardware seems to offer the largest(and in my opinion, the nicest) selection of outdoor furniture. Below are a few samples of their 2009 collection along with Pottery Barn,Horchow & Frontgate. I'm currently in the market for some new outdoor furniture. Our backyard has been out of order for over a year now due to the remodel project on our home. Instead of storing most of the furniture for the yard, I gave them away to family members. However, we kept a few pieces like our black wrought iron dining set and 2 coordinating settees. My vision for the yard is sort of a English container garden with lots of potted Boxwoods and other evergreens. We've finally started the ball rolling in working to complete the yard before the end of upcoming May. I am so excited and cannot to entertain outdoors under the stars on a beautiful evening.

Ventana collection at

La Jolla collection at

Hampshire collection at

Catalina collection at

Antibes collection at

Bali collection at

Chesapeake collection at

Palmetto collection at

Teteatete collection at

Wrap around seating set at

Gathering collection at

Carlisle collection at

Carlisle chaise at

Martinique collection at

Martinique collection at

Metropolitan collection at

Metropolitan collection at

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sandor Varga

If your taste in tableware is like mine, then no doubt you will appreciate the brilliant stemware by Varga Art Crystal. (Shown are all my favorites in the stemware collection).

Founded in 1976 by Sandor Varga, a 3rd generation glass master from Budapest, Hungary, Varga Art Crystal currently graces the tables of heads of state,dignitaries,embassies and homes to the most affluent members of society.

The crystal stemware collection with it's intricate cut and etch work resemble sculptured art with master detailing that only a true artisan can produce. Each piece is handmade and signed. The 40 worker shop begins creation of the pieces only upon purchase.

Sandor Varga is a prolific and creative artist that has been perfecting his craft for over 40 years. A tradition that began with Grandfather Geza Varga.

Geza Varga started a small crystal factory in Hungary in the 1930s which was seized by the Russians during their siege of Hungary in 1945.

As a very young child, Sandor loved to sit and watch his Father and Grandfather work. He quickly learned the family art as early as age 11.

Today the family's special artistic heritage continues forward with the fourth generation sons of Sandor and his wife and business partner Ildiko - perfecting the enduring legacy of the glass masters of Budapest, Hungary.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Le Compotier

(blue and white footed reticulated compotes)

If there is one item that never seems to fail to catch my eye when I'm out and about window shopping or just surfing online for beautiful things it is a compotier aka compote. Anytime I see a compote, I'm automatically drawn to it.
Compotes are one of my favorite table adornments. They are a decadent serving ware. They make beautiful centerpieces or, when paired, spectacular anchors to a centerpiece. The blue and white pair(above & below)have been used to carry many things from hard candies to flatware at a buffet table.

(beautiful leaf wreath design)

They look beautiful with candy,nuts,fruit,flowers,pine cones,holiday ornaments,sea shells or even just by themselves. I especially love the reticulated designs with a basket weave pattern.

I found this pedestal compote on my local Craigslist. It
is one of my favorites for creating dramatic dining table
floral centerpieces.

The perfect height allows me to leave
the centerpiece on the table without obstructing the views
of the seated guests.

This is a picture taken of our 2008 Christmas dinner where
I used 2 silver compotes(1 showing at left) to anchor the centerpiece.
I cut a fresh floral oasis to fit perfectly in the bowl, then just
filled it with holiday greens and florals.

A perfectly beautiful use of a compote as
a vegetable dish by celebrity designer
Eddie Ross. (click eddie's name for details on this arrangement)

Another fabulous use of a stunning old Paris fine
porcelain compote created by Eddie Ross for
Thanksgiving 2008.

Following are a few more beautiful compotes found
online. Enjoy.

Dresden porcelain compote circa 1872

Circa 1870s English Opal Vitro(Milk glass) porcelain compotes

Minton (English) compotes. Circa 1860-1865

Bing & Grondahl empire white and blue circa 1969

Pair of circa 1909 silver compotes, octagonal stepped base,

dolphin shaft supports bowl above.

Circa 1880 Paris Compotes. Having a large basket over a shaped column

on a footed base with gilded edges with floral decorations.

Circa 1820 Paris porcelain compotes Marked Schoelcher et Fils.

Pair of Old Paris compotes circa 1820 partially painted and gilded

Gilded and painted porcelain compotes mounted in gilded bronze,
from the Service of Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovitch, and
featuring his crowned monogram. Period of Alexander II (1855-1881).

Meissen porcelain bowl centered by polychrome fruits and flowers
and supported by three seated fauns with musical instruments, marked
with blue crossed swords under glaze

Meissen porcelain compote Circa 1902. Hand painted floral spray
centered by gilt encrusted trailing leaves.

Pair English Sterling Silver Repousse Compotes
Sheffield 1896, decorated with Fleur-de-Lys and flowers

Silver trio crane compote circa 1860-70. Marks of Sunshing
(S.S) and ideogram for Hui.

Samuel Felton silver compote circa 1865

19th century saw tooth milk glass compote

Porcelain Compote by Lenox

Blue & White Meissen set with matching compotes

Paris porcelain compotes with detached dish tray

mermaids porcelain compotes