Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brunch For A Family Of 3 On The River

Happy Tablescape Thursday!  It's been awhile since I participated in my favorite online blog event.  I am so excited to be able to join this week's celebration.
We are spending our last Summer week at the Dacha.  It's so hard to leave this place whenever we get here.  Daniel's first day back to school is the Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday.  Below are photos of a table I put together on the river.  I had a lot of fun setting this table.    Especially, with nature as my back drop.

The foldable metal chairs above oddly were the inspiration behind this table setting.  We found them at a nearby antique shop for $10.00 each.  They were structurally in great shape.  As you can see they just needed to be repainted.  Papa Dan thought they would be great paired with a small foldable table for dining at the river or even ocean beach.  Naturally, I began to visualize the 3 of us dining on the river with the newly acquired chairs.
Papa Dan spray painting the chairs a hunter green using Rust-Oleum's high gloss.    The little guy supervising to ensure quality workmanship.
 I created the no-sew table topper with tartan fabric,tassel trim,sharp scissors and a glue gun.  It took about 20 minutes to make.  I purchased the fabric and trim from Joann's fabrics about a 30 minutes drive from the cabin.
For more tablescapes and table setting ideas, visit Tablescape Thursdays hosted by Susan of Between Naps On The Porch.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bringing in Natural Light

By: Liz Nelson

Cramped up in a world of windowless offices and dark apartments we sometimes forget there is an outside world. However bringing natural light into your home can be a great way to brighten up and bring out the colors and textures of your home décor. Not only that but natural light can make you feel better too. Here are some ways to bring natural light into your home:

  1. Windows
    Image Source: bloodandchampagne
    The first way to bring more natural light in your home is to install or expand your windows. A large window can bring in tons of natural light and brighten up even the darkest home. If you don’t have a view you can frost the window to allow in light while maintaining privacy. Sheer curtains are another great way to allow in natural light while maintaining your privacy.

  1. Glass Doors
    Image Source: bloodandchampagne
    Even your doorways can become beacons of light in your home. A large glass doorway leading onto the patio or other outdoor space and help bring natural light and nature indoors. Enjoy the beauty of your garden from the comfort of your home. Even a front door can be made of glass reinforced with metal to provide safety and security while still letting in natural light. Not only is this practical it is beautiful too and helps to set your home apart.

  1. Mirrors
    Image Source: bloodandchampagne
    Love the idea of more natural light but do not have the money or space to install more windows? Why not try mirrors? Mirrors can reflect the natural light form your existing windows and scatter that light into the depts. Of your home. Mirrors also help to make your small spaces look bigger and reflect artificial light as well, making your home bigger and brighter looking without a large investment.

  1. Skylight
    Image Source: bloodandchampagne
    Who wouldn’t want a window to the stars and clouds? A skylight can be a great way to bring natural light indoors, especially if your surroundings are lacking luster. Let the sun shine in or the natural light of the moon and stars for a romantic and cool light in your home.

These are just a few of the ways that you can bring in more natural light to your home. Feel the draw of the great outdoors and the warmth of the sun on your face even inside your home.

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to: liznelson17 @

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Little American's Summer 2013

Well, It's been a busy, festive and memorable summer with our Little American . Unfortunately, it's already time to focus on Fall.   School starts in 3 weeks and we are already getting announcement calls from the school's principal reminding us the semester is just around the corner.  The good news is(as far as blogging) that Daniel will be starting the first grade which means a full day at school should give me some free time to blog.  In the meantime,  here are some(okay, several) photos highlighting his summer.  Also, included are 3 short videos.   I apologize in advance for the photos not being in proper order.
Bermuda July 2013
Le Parker Meridien Hotel Manhattan July 2013
Le Parker Meridien NYC

Dinner aboard the Norwegian Break Away July 2013

Relaxing with a movie before bed at the Ritz in NYC

Ritz Carlton Central Park

Breakfast in the Club Lounge Ritz Carlton NYC

Turning in after a long day sight seeing 

Central Park

Central Park

Leaving the musical Cinderella 

Times Square

Russian River

Strolling the deck aboard the Norwegian Break Away

Relaxing in the cabin aboard the Norwegian Break Away

Metropolitan Museum NYC

Le Parker Meridien NYC

Metropolitan Museum NYC

Posing at one of the beaches in Bermuda with his Broadway Cruise camp counselors Ryan(L) and Kevin

asleep with kitty(or maybe sheepy?) after a long day touring the big apple

A weekend at the Dacha 

American Museum of Natural History NYC

The Frick Museum NYC

A view of central park from the Le Parker Meridien

Metropolitan Museum NYC

American Museum of Natural History NYC

Dinner in Greenwich village NYC

A not so happy moment here...time out for running off without Daddy's knowledge/permission.

First day of soccer practice,August 7,2013

Kid's waterpark aboard the Norwegian Break Away

Ritz Carlton Central Park

Broadway Cruise Camp musical number rehearsal aboard the Norwegian Break Away

Broadway Cruise dress rehearsal aboard the Norwegian Break Away

Papa Dan and Daniel bonding on the balcony

The boys dressed for Bermuda shorts night aboard the Norwegian Break Away to Bermuda

Hanging out with cousin Elena from Dallas who was in town visiting Grammy and Grandpa. 

Bryant Park

Frick Museum

Frick Museum

Metropolitan Museum

One of the several water features in Central Park


Times Square

His favorite thing to do at hotels...order room service and dine in his underwear
A view of Lady Liberty from the balcony of our room aboard the Norwegian Break Away

Waiting for cab to see the musical Cinderella

Ritz Carlton Club Lounge

Ritz Carlton Club Lounge

Ritz Carlton 2013

Musical number from the play "Annie" performed on the Broadway Cruise aboard the Norwegian Break Away.

Daniel's first waterslide experience aboard the Norwegian Break Away.

Daniel's Shake House.

6 years of age birthday party on August 10th at Funderland Amusement Park.