Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 2 in Roma

Ciao! this is day 2 of our trip to Rome.  I am looking forward to visiting more historical  landmarks.  Thank you for joining me on this adventure.  But before we begin our day, my Daddy Julio wanted to apologize for the delayed post.  We've been having such a great and busy time that by the end of the day he has been too tired(okay, lazy)to share our day on the blog.  Okay back to our adventure...
But, before we leave the hotel, I needed to stop by the travel desk to purchase train tickets for tomorrow's day trip to Caserta.
And now a nice stroll through the Borghese gardens to the Trevi Fountain.
Ah! The remarkable Trevi, the fountain where people from all over the world come to toss a coin in and make a wish.
Can you imagine...thousands of years ago the Roman's found a source of pure water outside of their city and created an aquaduct that terminated in the Trevi District...and hundreds of years ago this fountain was built  to commemorate the spot.
I wanted to jump in and collect a few coins for a nice Gelato but Papa said it's bad luck.   Instead, I followed tradition and tossed in a coin...this is suppose insure I return to  Roma.  Hey, it worked for my Dad's...they tossed coins in years ago and have already returned 3 times.
Before our next stop, we took a lunch break at a one of the small restaurants in an alley on the way to the Pantheon.
Cheese pizza! Yummy.

I can't believe this...another building that is really, really old...the Pantheon.
My papa says that the building still has the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world...and it was built thousands of years ago.  The Roman's built it for the ancient Gods.   The Catholics later turned it into a church.

Uh oh Dads....there's a hole in the roof.

According to Daddy, the hole is there on purpose.  It's called the oculus(eye).  It allows sunlight to stream into the Pantheon.

The light moves across the floor and room throughout the day.   It is the only source of light which sounds dark and spooky at night.  

Alright...time for another break...gelato!  This is a first for me.  Doesn't it look yummy!

Ah! Molto Buono! Two tiny enthusiastic thumbs up for Gelato!

This is the path in front of the Medici villa which leads to the Borghese gardens that takes us to our hotel.  I'm gonna take a dip in the pool for a bit to cool off from all the hot and exciting sites.

It's dinner time.  Tonight my parents say we are going to an area called the Trastevera to a place recommended by some guy name Rick Steve.  My Papa Dan really likes this guy.  The name of this restaurant is called Osteria Ponte Sisto da Oliviero.  Mr. Steve said it has traditional Roman fare.
 We're here...yay! I'm starving.
No butter?  Oh well, olive oil will have to do.
Pasta alla favorite.
I'm stuffed and ready for bed.  Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure arrivaderci!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Little Americans First Day Around The Eternal City

Bon Giorno!  After a good night's sleep I am ready for my first tour of the Eternal City.

First, I'm on my way downstairs for some breakfast before getting on the hop on hop off tour bus.

One of the main reasons I love a vacation is that my parents aren't so strict when it comes to eating.  Today, I decided to start my carbo loading for energy with a donut,sausages and cream filled pastry.

hmmm, I wonder if kids here like eating donuts and sweets as much as I do.

Okay, stomach is full and I'm ready to start the day.
Oh, and my parents wanted me to share some photos of the sitting areas in the hotel lobby.
The hotel Parco Dei Principi is located at the gate to the beautiful Borghese Gardens behind the Borghese Palazzo, directly across from the park's zoo.
It has 179 rooms.  The decor is traditional with lots deep toned woods, marble and rich colored textiles.

The hotel rooms have great views of the park, zoo and a great outdoor and indoor pools.   Beside the pools for me, they picked this hotel because it offers a fully equipped state of the art fitness center and water spa.  They also love the fact it's only a 15 minute walk through the park to the old city center yet far enough away to escape from the noise and crowd to the quiet of the park.
We're on the Rome Open tour bus having a great time enjoying the sites.
We're coming up to the Vittoria Emmanuel monument which is a favorite of my Daddy(Julio).  He still remembers how it  captivated him on his initial visit to Rome in 1996.   I think it was brand new  then.
It was built as a monument to Italy's first King.  I thought it was funny that they called it the Wedding Cake.

This was actually a site I looked forward to seeing up close.  One of my very favorite shows "Little Einsteins" visited Roman Coliseum and so I had to come see where Leo,Annie,June and Quincy flew their Rocket ship inside to save the helpless musical notes that were locked in the basement by the evil Big Jet.
Papa Dan is helping me search the crowd for my Little Einsteins far no luck.  I can't believe it was built thousands of years ago when my parents were my age.

After just 45 minutes on the upper deck in the hot sun, I was ready to finish the tour in the shade on the deck below.  My Daddy says this picture of me makes him want to sing songs from the Tapestry album by Carole King.   An album is an old fashion Itunes player.
After the bus tour, we finally hopped off at the Spanish steps stop which was only a few blocks away.  On our way, I spotted a nice clothing boutique and had to have the hot pink polo shirt on the store mannequin.
I can't believe I'm  running the famous Spanish steps...whoo hoo! My parents say there are 138 steps to the top.  I couldn't tell but you would have thought there were twice that amount the way they were so out of breath.
This is me doing my victory dance once I reached the middle.  I still have two more flights to go up what is referred to as the widest steps in Europe.   Papa told me they were built more than two hundred years ago for the Spanish Bourbon Kings to access their church at the top of the hill.
After a great morning and early afternoon tour of the old city, it was time for some much needed fun poolside.
Ah! the water and weather is perfecto!
After our late afternoon swim, we showered and changed to find a place to eat within walking distance from the hotel.  We stumbled upon this beautiful building on the opposite end of the park from our hotel.  It just so happened to be a restaurant.   It was built in the 1800s near the Villa Borghese by architect Giuseppe Valadiera.

Look at my dinner...delicious.  Tubes of pasta stuffed with cheese.

The view was outstanding, but my Dads sat here for too I fired up the baby sitter(Ipad).
I had such a fun and busy day that I passed out on the floor 3 minutes after we got back to the room.  Thanks for visiting.  See you tomorrow.