Thursday, November 14, 2019

Grey Matters! Leopard print obsession and great Asian decor finds in the Marketplace

Image captured by home security camera

Seasons greetings!!!  Now that the summer is clearly out of the way, I've been able to focus on redoing the Dacha.  In February, the Dacha took in 3 1/2 feet of water from the Russian river overflow due to heavy rains. It was painful to see the aftermath.  Everything below 4' was damaged and had to be removed.
Image captured by home security camera

 It would take months before we could get a reliable contractor since they were in high demand not just in our town, but the entire Sonoma county.   The average wait time was 6 to 8 months.  In early August we finally got the ball rolling once we passed the county's contamination clean up inspection.   The goal is to be completely finished by Christmas.

As a fresh start, I decided grey everywhere!!  Papa Dan and Daniel were dead set against it but I convinced them it would still be as warm and inviting as our original look once the grey walls were layered with the artwork that thankfully survived the flood.  

The Dacha sample board which pretty much is the same color palette as before.

Lately, I have been overly obsessed with leopard print and asian decor.   An even bigger obsession is currently the Marketplace on Facebook.   A platform on the popular social media that allows its users to sell items from household goods to campers.   The above french style arm chair was one of a pair that I purchased from the Marketplace.

 I purchased the chairs for a steal of a deal.  $40.00 for the pair!  Chair frames were in great shape.  Fabric was slightly worn with stains from the prior owners with children.

(Before)  I actually liked the fabric color which a teal blue.  However, I wanted to stay with the Dacha's original design color palette.  So of course, it was a great excuse to pull out the leopard print fabric. 
The beautiful vintage lacquered folding screen was another Marketplace find for $200.00.  

Seller originally asked for $500.00 when the item was first posted.  I patiently waited watching as the price dropped every week the item did not sell.   3 weeks later, it dropped to $325.00 then another week after, $300.  That's when I submitted my offer for $200.00.  It was well worth the gamble and wait. 

And yet, another great Facebook Marketplace find! 

 This old black lacquered cabinet was purchased for $25.00.  The seller inherited the beautiful piece from her grandfather but could not fit it into her home design aesthetics.  Lucky me!

There's more...... the tapestry and leather Ralph Lauren chairs!!!

This is one of a pair found on Marketplace.  At $75.00 for both chairs, I thought it was already a steal of a deal and paid the asking price.

Leaving 1 of the pair of Ralph Lauren chairs in the main home's red room

The couple I purchased the pair from were recent Los Angeles transplants downsizing to their retirement home.  

 A pair of ceramic foo dogs for only $20.00!!  

Spray painted the pair in a high gloss black lacquer. Used a small brush to hand paint a few of the details on the pair with a gilded gold paint.   

It's mid November here so just a few days left enjoying the backyard before packing everything up for the rain.

Finally, a little sneak peek of the progress at the Dacha.   I hope to post the final reveal at Christmas time.  Happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Amsterdam in July

Vacation photos from our family's summer visit to Amsterdam in late July during the city's record breaking heat reaching 100 degrees.

However, the heat did not deter our family from taking a boat ride down the city's beautiful canals as well as strolling the streets.  Photos of our memorable summer vacation.

Our little skipper taking in the view.

The skipper navigating through the canals like a natural local.  When researching boat rentals, we decided on Mokumboat because of the great reviews and the easy navigation.  Not to mention, they provided center tables or spaces for you to bring along a nice picnic spread to enjoy while taking in the sights.

Daniel, Papa and I all agreed that the Intercontinental was a big contributor as to why we enjoyed our visit to Amsterdam so much.

The boys enjoying a swim in the cold canal in front of the hotel.