Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Young Alexander McQueen

As a big admirer of McQueen, I am very saddened over this tragic news.

London, England (CNN) -- The world of fashion paid tribute to top designer Alexander McQueen Thursday after he was found dead in his London home.

The designer, born Lee McQueen, had a reputation for controversy that earned him the titles "enfant terrible" and "the hooligan of English fashion."

Asked about reports of McQueen's death, London's Metropolitan Police said a 40-year-old man was found dead at an address in Green Street, central London.

They would not confirm his identity, and said the death was not being treated as suspicious.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Little American Get's A Lesson On Parisian History

Pssst....over here

Come closer........


Peek a boo!!!!

Bonjour! My parents told me to whisper so that I don't interrupt other visitors. Daddy also wanted me to apologize for him since he took so long sharing my latest excursion with you.
We are at the Carnavalet Museum this morning located in the Marais district. This museum is about the history of Paris. Daddy loves a lot of the furniture here but none look as comfortable and fun as this big stuffed round sofa I'm on. In fact, I asked if I could just play on it while my parents visit the other rooms where everyone is tip toeing through. Of course, they said no. Well, at least I won't miss out on discovering how Paris became the wonderful city it is today. They promised me it will be much more fun than running around on this big jumpy sofa.

I was really excited when Daddy picked me up to look out the window and showed me this great backyard with the fun maze. I wanted to go out there and explore and play catch with Daddy like we do at the playground. That's when Papa told me this was actually a very old botanical courtyard and it is important that everyone help to make sure that no one goes run around it and hurt the plants.

I'm sure the kids that lived or visited this house long ago enjoyed playing in this yard.

After we stopped looking out the window we started wandering around the inside. Daddy told me this museum, like many others in the city, used to be a home.
In 1677, a famous aristocrat named Madame De Sevigne moved into the home and lived here for 19 years. She became famous for her letters she wrote to her daughter. Those letters became widely published and popular. Some of those letters are on display here at the museum. Daddy would like me to take up letter writing too... only not on the walls.

Papa wanted to find some of the many mementos of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI that are on display here.

There are even locks of their hair and games used by their children in prison. Too bad we don't have an English speaking tour guide to help us through the maze of exhibits.

I learned that the rooms in this museum were all decorated with furniture from other palaces and represented several different and defining periods.

My parents said the walls in this room reminds them of a popular pottery.

Daddy loved the wood floors in this room.

A beautiful staircase in the palace museum.

Well, we're at the end of our tour of the Musee Carnavalet. It's still a little too
early for lunch so Papa suggested we walk over to a small playground located near a historical tower. What a great idea Papa!

Well, its not the biggest playground but at least I get to run around and make as much noise as I want. Papa told me that the statue in the background and the tower are very important to the people of France.

It's called the Saint Jacques Tower and was part of one of the oldest churches in Paris. The church was taken down in 1797. This tower is all that is left. It's now an important monument. It's right on one of Daddy's favorite streets, the Rue de Rivoli, which is filled with lots of department stores.

Oh hey, there's another little person here to play with.

Bonjour mon petit!

Hmm, let me try again

Bonjour! parlez vous anglais?

Mon nom est Daniel alias petit Américain...Enchanté de faire votre connaissance.

My new French friend agreed that having the playground to ourselves was the best.

It was then that I realize that Parisian kids like the same things I do... pomme frittes, chocolate and playgrounds.

Well, Papa just said its time for lunch. I am so ready to eat.

Lunch Break

After the playground, my parents took me to one of their many favorite cafes nearby. We went to the Le Cafe Du Marche des blancs manteaux , whew...that's a pretty long name for such a small cafe. It's located on the Rue Vieille Du Temple.

Daddy asked that I demonstrate my ability to sip from stemware for my Uncle Tristan who commented in a previous post asking if I knew how....well, Daddy may have been slacking in getting me potty trained, but no one can deny he is getting me up to speed on handling fine stemware. As for the food, my parents loved their dishes. I ate my favorite, pomme frittes and hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise on them. The Parisians like mayonnaise as much as me! I also had a few bites of Daddy's club sandwich and Papa's Penne Cabonara. Yummy.


After lunch, we headed back to the apartment for my nap. I was having too much fun and just didn't feel like napping. My parents reminded me of how important rest is for my little body and that napping will make me stronger for my afternoon play time. I am pretty sure I heard them snoring in the other room?

Nap time is over and we're off to the underground to visit the Archives Nationales Museum.

Hey! I believe the train we want is coming now....

George pointed out to me that the train I mentioned was actually on the other side of the tracks and going the other way. Sheep would never humiliate me like that.

Ok, here we are, on the streets walking through Le Marais again to the museum.

Finally, we've arrived!

I'm standing(on top of Papa) in front of the entrance to the museum.

This museum used to be someones home too. It was built for a real life Prince
and Princess like in my story books. They were Prince and Princess Soubise.

Now, it is owned by the government.

Let's go take a quick look inside.

The grand staircase of the museum.

Looking down the same set of stairs.

A peek into the princess's salon

a close up of the amazing walls and door way.

Most of this museum is about special documents from the famous revolution in the late 1700's which include arrest warrants for people that were against the revolution. You can also view expensive personal possessions that were taken from the prisoners like money,gems and clothes.

Now we stroll the 2 islands on the Seine river. The Ile Cite and Ile St. Louis.

This is the Seine and a view of the islands from the right bank.

We stoppped here for a late afternoon snack. It's called Le Flore En Ile cafe. Paris Perfect, the manager of our apartment, recommends Berthillon ice cream which is made on the Ile St. Louis and served here. Food critics have sworn is better then any of Italy's famous Gelato. That's a huge compliment.

It was just too cold for me to think about ice cream so I asked Papa to order me a hot chocolate instead. Boy was I surprised.

The waitress brought me a cup, a pitcher of hot milk and a small pitcher of melted chocolate and she let me make my own hot chocolate. Well, she let my Papa make my hot chocolate...but I tried before he grabbed the hot pitcher from me.

George enjoyed some of my delicious hot chocolate.

Now, I am ready for some more walking.

First, before we leave the island, a picture of George in front of the bridge to the Ile
de Cite.

George is in awe of the river.

I took George over the bridge for a close up of the river before
we head toward the Latin Quarter.

The sights were too much for George so I offered to push him the rest of the way on my Stroller.

The plastic is my snazzy rain cover. All the French kids have these
covers on their strollers too.

Back in the apartment and taking a nice warm bubble bath before bedtime. I hope you enjoyed today's sights as much as I did. I can't wait to share with you tomorrow's adventure. au revoir