Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Post: How to Create an Eye-Catching Accent Wall By Carolyn Heintz

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Accent walls are a great way to spice up your space. Through the use of paint, texture, wallpaper, or art, accent walls serve to create dimension and interest. If you’re afraid of color, it’s a great way to add just a touch without being overwhelming. It’s chic, it’s exciting, and it’s easy! Here are some different ways to create an eye-catching accent wall.

1. Pop of color
This is the traditional approach for an accent wall—using it as an opportunity to add a shock of color to the room. It’s a great for color-phobes who want to add personality to their space. The key is to pull the color from other elements in the room. For example, in the first image, the accent wall is the same color as the couch. Otherwise, it will be too jarring and create a lack of cohesiveness that will make the room seem disjointed.

2. Subtle and serene
The change in color does not have to be drastic. By choosing a color that is only a couple shades different or one that is in the same family, your accent wall imbues a sense of serenity into the space. In this case, the accent wall is subtle and works to create interest in a mellow room. This is especially great in bedrooms.

3. Change in texture
A feature wall isn’t just about color; you can create an awesome accent wall by bringing in new textures. This can be anything from adding a tiled wall, using Venetian plaster, utilizing different painting techniques, or other architectural differences. You can even use the same paint color, which can be a chic way to add dimension. Making use of different textures adds a richness and tactility that can really elevate your space.

4. A work of art
Instead of using paintings or other art pieces, why not add a design element directly to your wall? You can use paint to create an interesting pattern, or apply wallpaper or fabric to create the same effect. If you do choose a pattern, you want to keep the wall art to a minimum or else the space will look cluttered. It’s a good idea to keep the other walls neutral—you want the wall to be the main attraction!

5. A small addition
If an accent wall scares you, adding something as small and simple as polka dots or a framed picture collage can make your room more interesting. (Check out how chic the gold polka dots look in the office space.) These subtle differences are an excellent way to gently introduce the accent wall into your home.

Accent walls can go wrong if they are totally out-of-place in the room or if they are used too frequently throughout your home. You shouldn’t go out and add an accent wall to every room in your house, but choose the spaces that could use more dimensions. They are also great for highlighting an awesome piece of art or architectural element. Whether you are looking to add color or texture or just a little something, there is an accent wall for you!

Author Bio: Carolyn Heintz is a nutritionist, coffee lover, and wannabe interior designer. She runs a personal blog and her life philosophy consists of rewarding fitness, embracing the arts, preventive health, and (most importantly!) lots and lots of laughter.