Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Château du Champ de Bataille

Here I go again, taking a cyber trip to the environs around Paris; in real life I have been unwilling to use any of my precious travel time to venture out of  the incomparable City of Lights.  However, the more I learn about the Chateau region the more likely I will be taking trips outside of Paris on my next visit.
An hour away, in Normandy, is the  Château du Champ-de-Bataille, a baroque castle built in 17th century that has been carefully restored and artfully decorated with furniture and objets d'art from a mix of French styles...all fit for royalty.

Laudree Tea room
Purchased in 1992 by Jacques Garcia, a French architect and designer.  His accomplishments include creating the interiors of the beautiful Laduree tea room on the Champs-Elysees and the Hotel Costes.  In 1999 he published his first book, Decorating in the French style which followed up with a new edition in 2005.  He also currently has a wonderful high end furniture line, The Jacques Garcia Collection with Baker furniture.

Prior to the restoration by Jacques Garcia, the story of this castle includes being plundered after the French Revolution and years of abandonment.
At one point, in the early 20th century this grand home was used as a hospital. Over the next 15 years, Mr. Garcia revived the Chateau.
Descriptions and photographs of the Chateau's interiors show it is elaborately filled with beautiful furnishings and artwork from the 17th and 18th Centuries.
Included in the decorations are ancient manuscripts,tapestries,rugs and other rare objects.
The home boast 15 bedrooms, each with its own bathrooms, a hunting salon and a two story chapel.
In addition to his renovations of the building, Mr. Garcia also accomplished the restoration of the Chateau's 94 acres of gardens.
The estate has been open to the public since Mr. Garcia purchased it; even during the renovation.
For more information on this property you can visit the Chateau du Cham de Bataille website.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 World's Top 10 Luxury Brands

An interesting compilation for you Brandanistas that may have missed this list earlier this year.

In May, Millard Brown Optimor, a global brand strategy and financial consultant group released it's 2011 list of the worlds top luxury brands.  The following is a list of the top 10.

10. Burberry
Last year’s ranking: Unranked

Brand value-$3.379 billion

9. Fendi
Last year’s ranking: 9
Brand value-$3.422 billion

8. Moët & Chandon
Last year’s ranking: 7
Brand value-$4.570 billion

7. Hennessy
Last year’s ranking: 5

Brand value-$4.997 billion

6. Rolex
Last year’s ranking: 6

Brand value-$5.269 billion

5. Cartier
Last year’s ranking: 8
Brand value-$5.327 billion

4. Chanel
Last year’s ranking: 4

Brand value-$6.823 billion

3. Gucci
Last year’s ranking: 3

Brand value-$7.449 billion

2. Hermès
Last year’s ranking: 2
Brand value-$11.917 billion

1. Louis Vuitton
Last year’s ranking: 1
Brand value-$24.312 billion

Data source:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inspirations for Traditional Living...Boaz Mazor

Boaz Mazor has worked for Oscar de la Renta for forty years, having now earned that wonderful “At Large” title (although technically he is a vice-president) and this is one of those conversations that made us feel we had met someone who really relishes and celebrates life. He must have his demons because he has depth, but he is an unapologetic maximalist and we loved the exuberance of his apartment and his expansive emphasis on genuine face-to-face connection with people as opposed to the dislocated world of Facebook and Twitter and iPhoning.
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Happy Thanksgiving From The Beaux Mondes Designs Family

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This year our family spent the holiday at home with just the four of us...Papa Dan, Daniel,myself and Cocco.   
Although we've enjoyed and missed the large gatherings with our extended families in the past,  it was really nice to celebrate with just our small family.
 It was great to wake up late and lounge in the family room in front of the fireplace watching holiday movies, surfing the internet and playing a few board games.  A couple hours before dinner, we took a long family stroll around the neighborhood enjoying the chilled weather.
Dinner was over the top delicious.  Papa Dan literally prepared a feast. Brined turkey, chicken liver stuffing, steamed asparagus,mashed potatoes and gravy made with turkey drippings,cream,cherry and stock .
A bottle of Cambria Chardonnay,Earthquake Syrah and sparkling cider for the little guy.  For dessert, vanilla ice cream with Pumpkin and Berry Pie topped with fresh home made whipped cream.

The little guy enjoying his cider from Papa Dan's secretary....Thank you Cynthia!
The turkey was so tender and juicy!
Little Daniel's sister Cocco coming to clean up after her brother's mess under the table.
 Looking forward to Christmas in Dallas, Texas with Papa Dan's family.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inspirations For Fine Traditional Living-Chateau De Mirambeau

Move over Cinderella.  While this estate may be called a chateau, it is actually a castle fit for a fairy tale.   
  The prestigious Chateau de Mirambeau is near Bordeaux and Cognac.  

Chateau de Mirambeau is one more reason I have to venture out of Paris the next time I go to France.
This aristocratic residence has gone through many incarnations.

        It began as a medieval fortress and underwent numerous sieges, destruction and fires.  Its present form happened under the ownership of Count Charles Nicolas Duchâte.

   In 2002 it underwent a complete restoration and renovation. The castle ia surrounded by lush parkland. 
The building consists of a body of neo-Louis XIII, framed by two pavilions of the same style, and two asymmetrical wings.

    One of them is marked by Renaissance influences, the other by the neo-medieval influences .

 The entrance, flanked by two cylindrical towers, is one of the oldest parts of the building, dating back at least to the seventeenth century. Today, visitors can stay as the hotel guests of current owner Mr Valter Mainett.
The Chateau de Mirambeau Bordeaux offers a choice of 23 luxury rooms including 9 Junior Suites and Suites, each decorated differently in 19th century bourgeois style.
         I just love the decadence throughout this public space.
 The Chateau has an indoor pool, two tennis courts, a second swimming pool and a fitness circuit.