Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Log Cabin Update

Initially, our goal was to move in furniture and accessories by June.  Unfortunately,we may not be doing this until later.  The good news is that after weeks of meeting with numerous contractors in the area, we found one that we really like and we hired him.   Mike Casso, owner of Russian River Construction came highly recommended by Dax and Smitty , local owners of the antique store named Sonoma Nesting Company .  Of course, we met  them while visiting their shop looking for items for the cabin.  I found a beautiful large convex mirror(shown below on the design board)which I think will look perfect in the cabin.

When we had the carpet and other flooring in the cabin removed several weeks back, we found asbestos tiles underneath. This created a problem and setback as we learned that many flooring companies are prohibited by California EPA law to install flooring over asbestos since it has been deemed to cause Mesothelioma.
 The tiles needed to be removed before any new flooring could be installed.  Once we found someone to remove the tile, dry rot was discovered on the original/sub floor. Another set back.  Now, this floor needs to be repaired and covered with an entirely new sub floor.

  The perfectly round hole you see in the wall(above photo) on the right of the archway to the french doors previously housed the pipe to an old wood burning stove we removed.

We have finally started the bathroom demo this week.  Below are the images sent to us by our contractor Mike.

Check out the redwood logs on the wall!  These make us think the bathroom was an outhouse accessed by exiting the cabin and entering through an outside door.

This is the design board for the cabin's great room with the exception of the 4 chairs in the center which will go in the new dining room.  The only items on the board that I do not have at this time are the leather ottoman,wall sconces and french empire chandelier. Most of the pieces are coming from our main residence.  My hoarding obsession came in handy.  The empire chandelier I want has 21 lights and weighs 100lbs.  However, if we keep finding repair problems with this renovation which impacts my fixture budget, I may end up with just a light bulb up there.
I just purchased this pair of mid century lamps this past weekend for $100.00 from an estate sale.  I'm thinking a green or red tartan plaid fabric lamp shade would work nicely with the "Ralph Lauren" style interiors I have planned.   I am going to attempt to another DYI to see if I can fabric the lamp shades myself.  If not, there is an online company called Fenchel Shades that will custom make the shades with the fabric of my choice and specifications for about $65.00 a shade...ouch...Hopefully, I can do it myself and save $130.00.