Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kitchen Accomplished...The Reveal


This is why you never saw me post about our kitchen. The home 

was built in 1927. When we purchased the home it had the 1985 

remodel pictured above. Although we recognized the space was 

outdated and not our taste, it somehow didn't bother us so long 

as it was functional. As a result, we procrastinated in 

updating the space. In fact, the reason we finally renovated 

this year was because the appliances(refrigerator and stove) 

were starting to give up and the ceramic tiles around the sink 

began to fall off. Also, I've been propositioned to enter our 

home in the neighborhood's annual home tour for 2012. A 

really terrific designer and blogger Katie Denham of Katiedid also lives 

here (another fact I can use to boast that our area is the 

best!) and featured her home in the 2009 home tour. Her home is still being raved 

about today and her kitchen was a show stopper and a stand out 

favorite. I knew I had to do something to our space before I 

opened the doors to the public.

The total cost for this project including all appliances was 

just under $38K. The inspiration behind the design is French 


The size of this space prior to our restoration was just 100 

square ft.

Because of its location and our budget, we were only 

able to add 10 more square feet to the small space. We took 

that space from the adjacent hallway behind the East wall of 

the kitchen located directly behind the old electric oven which 

contained a narrow utility closet that we only used to store 

some tools. 

 Another affordable proposed solution which was within the 

budget was to open the kitchen up to the current formal dining 

room behind the south wall. For our family, that was not an 

option. Both Dan and I are big lovers of traditional formal 

dining rooms and so joining the two rooms was quickly ruled 

 Due to the distance of the cook top from the main sink, a small 

vegetable sink and faucet with pull out spray was installed for 

convenient pot filling and pasta draining.

 The small sink will have a round cutting board with a pull out 

hole that fits perfectly over the sink for extra prep space on 

the counter. While we wait for the builder to supply it, we 

have improvised with this cutting board.

  I am very happy with all the details including the wallpaper, 

dentil moulding and door appliques. We thought it gave the 

space a warm elegance typically found in French Country 


Love the $15.00 Ikea chalkboard.
Coordinating counter height rolling cart that double duties as 

as a serving cart for the dining room.

A nice alternative for kitchens with very limited counter 

  The cart is a great mobile prep station that can be 

conveniently rolled anywhere in the space or out of the way 

into the pantry or laundry/mud room.
Removable shelves to allow for use as a small eating space. 
With the new kitchen, Papa Dan will be guest posting about his  
favorite recipes preparations (move over Julie...its going to be Dan and Julia).