Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sandor Varga

If your taste in tableware is like mine, then no doubt you will appreciate the brilliant stemware by Varga Art Crystal. (Shown are all my favorites in the stemware collection).

Founded in 1976 by Sandor Varga, a 3rd generation glass master from Budapest, Hungary, Varga Art Crystal currently graces the tables of heads of state,dignitaries,embassies and homes to the most affluent members of society.

The crystal stemware collection with it's intricate cut and etch work resemble sculptured art with master detailing that only a true artisan can produce. Each piece is handmade and signed. The 40 worker shop begins creation of the pieces only upon purchase.

Sandor Varga is a prolific and creative artist that has been perfecting his craft for over 40 years. A tradition that began with Grandfather Geza Varga.

Geza Varga started a small crystal factory in Hungary in the 1930s which was seized by the Russians during their siege of Hungary in 1945.

As a very young child, Sandor loved to sit and watch his Father and Grandfather work. He quickly learned the family art as early as age 11.

Today the family's special artistic heritage continues forward with the fourth generation sons of Sandor and his wife and business partner Ildiko - perfecting the enduring legacy of the glass masters of Budapest, Hungary.


Linda Q said...

Oh wow, how stunning is this glassware/crystal. Gorgeous. I really like the green shades, into the color green these days.

Anonymous said...

*Absolutely STUNNING PIECES, & so often just not truly "appreciated" by so many. The stories behind the pieces themselves can be so very interesting. Having lived in Europe for almost 18 years, I've had my fair share of tours of crystal & china factories, & everytime was treated as royally as if I were their top customer...A delightful feast for the eyes, & a good read~~~ Thank you! Linda in AZ

Anonymous said...

(BTW, I can't get into the site as you posted it~~~ sooo disappointing! Then again, what a "money-saver to NOT be able to "get there", I guess!)~~~ Linda

Kwana said...

So beautiful. I thing Venice is my fave.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

These pieces are absolutely stunning, along with the history..what wonderful eye candy for the eyes to rest upon..
hugs ~lynne~

Chris said...

Are these safe to drink out of? Because I want the blue one! the dark and the light!