Sunday, February 1, 2009

Patti Lupone

Just sharing the latest buzz in the theatre community(okay,perhaps just the gay theatre loving community)about Ms. Patti Lupone's performance in which the audio was captured by an audience member.

By Michael Musto-Village Voice

As you've undoubtedly heard, Patti LuPone almost had a real breakdown while having her musical one in Gypsy on one of the final nights of the show. Someone in the audience at that performance was dumb enough to take pictures of the star while she launched into "Rose's Turn" and Patti broke character--though you could argue that she actually didn't--and started shrieking, "Who do you think you are?" while having them evicted even faster than she'd sent June, Louise, and Herbie out of her life.

The audience applauded nervously and did so again when Patti kept repeating her angry mantra, but by the end of the horrid episode, she had gained their confidence back, thanked them for their respectfulness, and started the song again.
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Unknown said...

OMG! I hadn't heard this! PArt of me loves the drama and the other part of me is saddened by it. Wow! How much would I have paid to have been there live.

Anonymous said...

I think she was very rude. After all, it was someone who paid money to see her which obviously had to be a fan. I would have booed her if I were there.