Thursday, September 4, 2008

Antique French Parlor Side Chairs

My latest shopping find. A set of four beautiful French parlor side chairs I purchased from an antiques auction. The only information I have on these chairs is that they were made in 1880 in Maubeuge,France which is a small city in the Northern part of the country. I had the chairs reupholstered in a creme-ivory striped fabric with the polka dot fabric in the same color as an accent on the back. The patina is really what sold me. It's aged look is beautiful. 2 of the chairs will go in the bay window of the office/library area of the house which has a 48" round mahogany table. The other 2 will go in the master bedroom. I can't wait to host a small dinner party for 4 or 6 at the bay window.

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cotedetexas said...

These are so pretty!!!

I love them.

thank you so much for your comment - it was sooo sweet.