Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gustav Causes Havoc In The Beaux Mondes Household

Well, my parlor chairs were finally returned to me yesterday and this is the final result. I think they look wonderful in the photos. However, in truth, it was a design faux pas on my part. A $680.00 refinishing job that is beautiful but does not work in the area where the pieces were intended. An expensive lesson learned.

When I purchased the chairs, I really like the original finish which was a deep dark brown. I immediately recognized the fact that it complimented the old buffet cupboard adjacent to the fireplace(see photos).

Yet, my stubborness and determination to infuse my newly found admiration for Swedish Gustavian clouded my judgement. I simply wanted to believe it was going to work perfectly.

Even though, every time I tried to visualize the chairs in the room, I could not. It was a situation where I just kept my fingers crossed hoping that it would work.
To make matters worse, the finish has a semi gloss shine which I specifically told the gentleman I did not want because of my observation that gustavian finish had an aged patina to it that did not shine.

I could have taken them back but I don't think it would matter.

The fabric choice was perfect. The trellis pattern with the floral medallion accent is very elegant and works with the other fabrics and textures in the room.
But the bold wood finish just cannot be ignored.

Unfortunately,my partner Dan says no way is he going to allow me to pay another $680 to return them to their original finish. He wants me to live with them for a while as a daily reminder of my costly design blunder.

Yes, I'm being sent to embellishor's purgatory. Hopefully, I can find another location in the house where they would look fitting.

Oh well, I hope you at least like the photos. I'm off to look for a day job before I screw up another design :-). I also included other photos of the room's view toward the family room in the back.

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Pimm's and Lemonade said...

Just reading this but those chairs are GORGEOUS! Hope they're working out....