Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Warrior Project Under The Blazing Sacramento Sun

The weather this past weekend in Sacramento was very warm.  On Saturday, it was in mid 90s.  However, it didn't keep me from playing in the backyard arranging the outdoor seating we purchased from World Market.
I had been wanting to replace the wrought iron furniture we have had for years but wasn't expecting it to happen on Friday.  However, Papa Dan and I agreed, we couldn't resist the 30% off sale(ended April 28) for this elegant and comfortable outdoor seating collection.  The cushions were included!
  We were anxious to get the pieces home the day we bought them so we immediately went back to the house to empty both of our vehicles to make as much room as possible to transport the furniture.  We made it home with a couple windows open to accommodate chair legs. 
The collection is named "Solano".  It is made of a durable resin wicker woven over a steel tube frame.  The chairs feel very sturdy and well made.  Both Papa Dan and I are both 6' tall and over 200lbs so construction was very important to us.  The pieces came un-assembled which makes for easier transport.  However, the slipper chairs were only 2 pieces which you put together yourself with the provided 6 screws making the assembly easy enough that my 5 year old son was able to help by placing the screws in place for me.   Each took less than 5 minutes. 
We purchased 6 slipper and 1 corner chair that can be attached as an entire sectional.  Or, arranged separately for entertaining guests.

In addition to the playing with the new furniture, I painted the wood fence on the east side of the yard black and hung planter boxes with dwarf boxwoods for interest.  I embellished the boxes with the round wood medallions from Michaels crafts and painted them a metallic gold.   The temporary center console is an old sofa table made of a mix of synthetic materials to mimic stone.  We had it for many years in the living room.  It was originally purchased and used in Dan's old office before moving to a new location.  Instead of getting rid of it right away, I used it in the backyard between the chaise lounges.  It had a unattractive beige glossy finish which didn't work well with the rest of the yard so I painted it a galvanized silver.
 Eventually, I want to replace it with something more utilitarian like an outdoor bar cart or buffet station with cabinets for additional storage. Although I haven't told Papa Dan yet, the chaise lounges will be replaced as well with something that coordinates with the Solano's wicker style.  Unfortunately, the collection does not offer them.  Stay tuned.
Solano Accent/Dining Chair

The next project is setting up an outdoor dining space.  The chairs are from the same Solano collection.  The table is going to be wrought iron.
I am looking forward to sharing the completed look with you....In the meantime, martini dreams from Sacramento.


The enchanted home said...

HOLY SMOKES!! This is incredibly amazing!!!!!!! What a spectacular job you have done and the blue and white is like the icing on a beautiful cake. I love going to have to share this post with my readers on my next musings post...too good to not share! GORGEOUS!!!!!! Enjoy it.

Unknown said...

As beautiful as ever! Looks like something out of a magazine.

Unknown said...

Dahhling inspirational & absolutely gorgeous! love your color scheme. I agree the furniture is very handsome for the price. I used it on one of my projects last year. Trés chic!

Maureen said...

Outstanding...this should be in a magazine and a garden tour...I'm jealous but in a good way!

Amy said...

Hi found you from Enchanted Home. Absolutely beautiful...Tina was right should be the ad for World Imports!

You are really talented, love your awning too, we just ordered one for our patio and now you me thinking we should gone with a black and white stripe!

Just Spiff It said...

Yes I agree - your project should be on the cover of a magazine. I love it all - painting your fence a dark color is very dramatic. I makes such a difference!!

christy said...

Hi visiting over from The Enchanted Home, had to come over to tell you how beautiful that patio is! Wow its so magnificent, definitely "ad worthy".

Following you now too.

Marlis said...

Catching up on my blog visits. And you're on the top of the list. WM has some great furniture for a great price. It looks so wonderful on your patio. This is absolutely stunning. xo marlis

Unknown said...

Hi just found you from Tina and I can understand why she featured your patio, its so beautiful. I am now thinking of adding an awning, what a wonderful space, hope you enjoy it, am your newest follower.

Stacy CUrran said...

Over from Tina's blog and so happy to be following. This post is gorgeous - LOVE the furniture!
Stacy @ South Shore Decorating Blog

Sarah said...

Popping in from Tina's blog. This space looks amazing.

Leslie said...

Hi also here from Tina having featured your gorgeous patio. What a fabulous spot! I bet you enjoy being out there, I can see hanging out there with a glass of wine and music playing. Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

So glad Tina hooked us up with you, and I will be coming back for more! What a talent you the pics of your beautiful, inviting garden! Carol P.

vignette design said...

Wow, Julio. Your backyard is the stuff of dreams. Love World Market and you made that furniture look amazing with your accessorizing, etc. I love your black fence and black french doors. I'm really into black these days--on windows and doors. But fences? Genius!

vignette design said...

PS: I shared your post on my FB page. Hope that's ok.
This is just too amazing not to share! ~Delores

Victoria said...

Hi like many others visiting from The Enchanted Home where your pretty patio was featured. It is so beautiful. Great job, I love the awning, the beautiful furniture, and all the blue and white touches plus the topiaries add so much. What a perfect backyard you have created. I am greatly inspired to get to work on my own!

CeceliaMc said...

You know it's inspired design when every piece looks as though it was created for this spot alone.


Anonymous said...

So inspired by your outdoor area! I pinned it a long time ago! Love all of it! Had my fence painted black (audible gasp from friends- followed by oohs and ahhs once finished!). Looking into new patio furniture and wondered if you are still loving yours and how it's held up...

Mallory | Confetti and Stripes said...

I was also curious to know if you are still loving the furniture and how it has held up? Your yard is amazing!

Unknown said...

Decent to peruse your article! I am anticipating sharing your undertakings and encounters.
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