Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anniversaire de vacances en Europe

A week after the New Years Day holiday, we leave for Paris, France followed by Geneva, Switzerland to celebrate our 19 year anniversary (January 25th) as well the completion of our adoption with Daniel (August 6th).

(Exterior of Cotes du Rhone)
In Paris, we're staying in Paris Perfect's beautiful 2 bedroom Cotes Du Rhone apartment located in the 7th district with a wonderful view of the Eiffel tower and only a block away from the Parc du Champs De Mars.

(Parc du Champs de Mars)
We chose Paris Perfect at the recommendation of Claudia of The Paris Apartment. Claudia's expansive knowledge and experience in the city of Paris gave us the confidence we needed to secure our booking.
I contacted Claudia to thank her for the recommendation. She wrote back congratulating me on an excellent choice.

(Cotes du Rhone apartment)
She even went above and beyond to notify her good friend Madelyn, owner of Paris Perfect of our booking. That resulted in a wonderful and welcoming note from Madelyn thanking us for choosing to stay with Paris Perfect and assured me and my family a most enjoyable and hospitable stay.

(Cotes du Rhone apartment)
Although Dan and I have been to Paris several times, this will be the first time visiting with a baby in tow. Furthermore, it will be our first time staying in an apartment as oppose to a hotel. We look forward to this unique experience.

In Geneva, we're staying at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. In December 2007, I wrote a post about Interior Designer Pierre-Yves Rochon who was the lead designer for the Four Seasons Geneva.
This hotel has been designated as a historic monument by the Swiss. It was Geneva's very first hotel which opened its doors in May of 1834. During that time, it was the largest hotel in all of Switzerland, with boutiques and a café-restaurant on the ground floor, three guest floors and an attic to accommodate staff. It catered to the monarchs of Europe. The hotel's impressive guest list has included Jean Cocteau, the duke of Edinburgh, the queen of Spain, Edward VIII, Liliuokalani of Hawaii, Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elizabeth ("Sissi") of Austria.
Through the years, it became the center of Europe's political landscape hosting the French delegation since the first League of Nations assembly in 1920.

This will be our very first trip to Switzerland. I cannot wait to visit the city's old town as well as the Plaine de Plainpalais Flea Market. I look forward to capturing as much of our trip as possible and share them with you.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I've never been to Paris during winter ... I'm sure it's a very different experience than Spring and Autumn (our usual schedule). We've always stayed in hotels, too - I'm interested in hearing what the advantages of the apartment are (as we eat out every meal anyway).

I've never been to Geneva - looking forward to pics. Heck - if I were at the FOur Seasons, I'd never leave the hotel LOL

Have a splendid time

Janie's World said...

Happy Anniversary, Julio and Dan! Wow, 19 years, that is a fabulous accomplishment. I'm so jealous! I, too,have been looking at those fantastic apartments. I want to take all the girls in my family (extended too) for a week's holiday in Paris.
We will be visiting Switzerland this summer. With your great eye for crystal, I'm tempted to give you a heap of cash to bring me back something spectacular like I see on your tables. (hehe, just kidding, I wouldn't burden you that way). Take in all in and have FUN!

Janie's World said...

Julio, did you also see the photographer that will take you around the city and take pictures of you and your family? It is on the Paris Apartment blog. It is: I'm sure it's not cheap, but what priceless memories. Please let me know how the whole apartment experience goes for you.

Anonymous said...

OMG you are taking my dream vacation. I have always wanted to go to Paris and Switzerland. Can you fit me in your suitcase? ROFL. Looking forward to your photos.

Terrence K

ArchitectDesign™ said...

i can't wait to follow all of the adventures of your trip here! Don't forget us!

Linda Q said...

Oh Julio and Dan, I am so so jealous but so happy for you! Two wonderful things to celebrate and in such a grand way, fabulous! Never been to Paris and would love to go to Switerland as my GG Grandfather Herman Scherrer was from there, Scherrer & Neukomm families are from there.
Going to be so great, we will live vicariously through your photos.
Hugs, Linda
Have a Tres Bon Annivesary!!

the paris apartment said...

Hi Julio and Dan,
I'm thrilled you chose the apartment you did, it's magnificent and you'll be treated like royalty by Madelyn and her team! By the by I saw someone left a comment about the photogs on my site who take pics of you running around town and they are not only affordable but they are FaBuLoUs! They're married, he's from Kentucky and she's French and couldn't be sweeter or more talented. Have a ball!

MaryBeth said...

I am beyond jealous, it looks like the most wonderful trip.
Congratulations on your 19th anniversary (what will you do for your 20th) and the completion of your family with the adoption of your son.
You are very brave to take a baby on such a grand trip. I wondering if you need a nanny? lol
Have a great time and a wonderful holiday season. MB