Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day Dinners

Christmas has already come and gone. Our household thoroughly enjoyed the holiday but are relieved it's finally over. We celebrated the holiday this year at home for a change. We were joined by Dan's twin sister Dana,husband Steve and their baby boy, Sammy. Very close friends Kerri & Leslie joined us for Christmas eve dinner. I decided to set the table in our back yard under a pavilion I purchased at ZGallerie a couple of years ago. It was fairly chilly so we used 2 outdoor heaters which made the climate perfect. I originally planned a table setting with only white and silver. I purchased all white flowers, Peonies,Hydrangeas & stock. I embellsed the arrangements with silver balls. For the napkins, I used a beautiful silver gray satin ribbon with crystal buckle clips. As nice as it looked, I just couldn't resist adding more color. So, a few hours before dinner, I ran into the garage storage and pulled out 4 pre-lit garlands to string them inside the canopy. I then replaced 2 of the clear cyrstal stems for the red wine hock and green champagne glass. I then included fresh loose cedar to bring more green to the table. The menu was to die for. Pappa Dan made an over the top delicious entree, crab imperial served with roasted asparagus,butter lettuce salad with lemon juice,olive oil and fresh ground pepper.


The following photos are of the white and silver setting I started out with before going color crazy.


For the following Christmas Day dinner, I reused the same floral arrangements but transferred them to different vases and bowl. I also reused the fresh loose cedars. I added the miniature red apples to compliment the dining chairs and plate chargers. There were only 4 of us for this meal. Dan and I with his twin sister and her husband. Dan made prime rib with mashed potatoes,green beans tossed in bleu cheese and butter, whipped cream with horse radish and warm pugliese bread.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed the photos. It's 8:45 am Pacific time at this moment and we are about to have breakfast then off to the movies to see Avatar.

On a side note, the two miniature porcelain figurines on the Christmas Day dinner table were purchased from a fellow blogger friend Judith of The Paris Atelier's Etsy shop. Visit her store for more beautiful finds.


Rettabug said...

Oh my stars....if this isn't pure Heaven! What a spectacular table! To be invited to dine with you has to be such a treat, Julio.

Everything is done with such care & elegant finesse. I may use my only set of good china & set the table correctly, but you take it all to a whole different level. The flowers are AWESOME and the little statues priceless additions. I'm GREEN with envy, truly, I am. I remember the first tablescape of yours that I saw & from then on, I knew I was in for a treat, in following your blog.
BRAVO my blogging friend, BRAVO!!!!

Linda Q said...

Wow, both tables stunning but how fun to be able to eat outdoors in such a beautiful setting and with the fireplace, love it!
I wanted fires going inside but we have a burn ban in affect, so lots of candles! Thanks for considering my blog as one of your favorites, coming from you a very nice compliment! I am just going to do very little and relax the next two day, catch up on blog reading etc. I am pooped and have to recoop some with my illnesses.
But all in all we had a lovely Christmas,and we went with our son to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday. We enjoyed it!
Have fun and a restful weekend,
Hugs from WA.

Janie's World said...

Julio, your table is absolutely gorgeous! Very elegant and traditional. I love everything about it. What is the name of the china you used for your dinner for four?

By the way, those pictures of Daniel are soooo adorable! What a cute idea.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

This is the most incredible table I've ever seen. I adore all the silver pieces. And the buckle clips on your ribbon for the napkin ring holders is just too wonderful for words. I know your guests enjoyed sitting at both tables. Your setting is so romanitc, yet cozy at the same time. I'm sure you enjoyed the movie Avatar as well..As always you've inspired me..planning a silver and white tablescape soon.... hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

unbelievable tables. I love the pavillion from zgallerie. I have to see if they still sell them. meri xmas

tartanscot said...

perfectly, absolutely, and amazingly lovely.

happy christmas,

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Both of your tablescapes took my breath away! What a stunning and beautiful way to celebrate Christmas! laurie

The Elegant Thrifter said...

I love how you created a wintery illusion and the spirited colored glass to your Christmas Eve table even though you were dining outside. I had (and am still having) my fill of the real stuff out in the Midwest! Can't wait to see what you do for New Years! Stan

Bill said...

Thank you, Julio, for sharing not one, but two, spectacular holiday tables one post! It was a nice touch that you included your thought processes as the tables evolved. I would have loved the stylish serenity of the white and silver alone, but you definitely added warmth and positive energy when you brought in the greenery and traditional Christmas red!

The dishes Dan prepared sound amazing too. What a great team you two make! Bravo to you both!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, you two are just the hosts with the most!

The table setting are exquisite and the environments for both enchanting. The pavilion is delightful ... and is another reason to wish for a stand alone home instead of a condominium!

Hope you enjoyed Avatar - our choice was Nine - sadly, rather ho-hum.

I do hope you're doing a New Year's Eve table! LOL

xinex said...

Both settings are aboslutely stunning, Julio. Your tableware are so exquisite. I love them all! I am sure your guests were in awe.....Chrisine

ArchitectDesign™ said...

the first images are just stunning (as they all are) -but that colorful crystal did me in!

Michael Lee West said...

Esquisite and elegant, with warmth and life. I thoroughly loved these photos. They would make a stunning book (aka Carolyne Rhoehm's seasonal books).

Cathy Miller said...

I'm a little out of breath looking at your gorgeous photos. Absolutely stunning..I would love to see it in person. Making lots of inspirational notes for the future..not that my house would EVER look like that, but maybe something close someday. I especially like the outdoor setting. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your tablescapes are breathtakingly beautiful! What a way to start the new year~it would be such a special treat to sit at any opne of your tables.

Paris Atelier said...

Oh Julio! Those tablescapes are so magical, I am taking notes for next year! You have such a talent and a true gift. Remarkable. One day I am inviting myself to dinner :) I love them both so much and to have Christmas dinner outside under that exquisite pavillion is a dream. All of the details were perfection.

Thank you so much for the mention! I'm so glad you are enjoying your little musicians! You are too kind.

Much love!

P.S. Is it wierd that I was looking at your awnings! I LOVE them. The Black & White stripe is beautiful!!!