Friday, December 18, 2009

A Benefit Auction In San Francisco With A Very Worthy Cause

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Gian-Paolo Veronese , a good friend of mine, is co-sponsoring the "Toast Atop The Pyramid "which benefits the City Of Dreams, a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to helping inner city youths in San Francisco's low income housing communities build brighter futures. For me, this benefit is very special because many of the young adults that stand to benefit from this organizations aid are from my old neighborhood, Bayview Hunters Point. I was born and raised in San Francisco and grew up in what is still considered the city's most under privileged highest crime rate area of the city. It's population consists mostly of poor and low-income families who are primarily African Americans followed by Samoan Americans. When I grew up, the only mentoring programs, like the City Of Dreams, were through local churches. In my case, our local parish was All Hallows. However, there were many kids in my neighborhood that did not have access to church programs and their only mentoring took place at our local public schools that were over crowded and run down. The first time I returned for a visit through the old neighborhood, I learned that many of the kids I grew up never made it out of the neighborhood and were either surviving off of government assistance or have died from drugs or a gang related incident. So,whenever I find myself complaining about the things I don't have these days, my past as a child and young adult eventually reminds me about just how fortunate I am to have the people and things in my life today. And if or when I do forget, my ever supportive partner Dan has always been there to remind me.
The City Of Dreams helps hundreds of young people each year foster healthy goals for themselves. You can visit their website to learn more about the program. If you are in San Francisco on the date of this event, I hope you will join us and offer your support to this very worthy cause. If you would like to contact Gian-Paolo further details, send your request to
A special thank you to Gian-Paolo and the other sponsors for this benefit.