Monday, December 15, 2008

Designers For The Ritz Carlton And Four Seasons Hotels

It's no secret that hotels are another great source for inspiration. HGTV's Designer Karen McAloon's Top 10 Tips To Style reminded me of just how much of my personal decorating ideas have been inspired by the hospitality industry. My favorite design is classicism. It's a favorite of my partner Dan as well. That's why when traveling, we always seek out hotels that we think capture this ambiance. The Four Seasons & the Ritz Carlton are two notable hotels among our top favorites when it comes to chains. Both are recognized worldwide for many of their AAA Five Diamond award wining properties. I decided to do a little research to find out a bit of history of how both chains got their start as well as who is behind the interior designs of their many classic traditional properties. Below, are the bios of 2 of the designers.


The Ritz Carlton was inspired by the successful brand created by
Cesar Ritz (1850-1918)founder of the internationally famous Hotel Ritz in
In the United States, The Ritz-Carlton Investing Company was established by Albert Keller who bought and franchised the name. The Ritz Carlton hotel opened it's doors in 1927 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The hotel embodied the vision of Cesar Ritz, Yankee ingenuity and Boston social sensibilities.

First Ritz opened 1898

Second Ritz opened 1906

Third Ritz opened 1910


The Four Seasons was founded in 1960 by Isadore Sharp in Toronto,Canada.
In 1961,Sharp opened his first hotel located in a less desirable part of downtown Toronto. Sharp,an Architect, designed the hotel around an inner courtyard so that the guests would not have to look out at the surrounding shady neighborhood. The Four Seasons Motor Hotel opened with a cost of less than $1 million. It became an immediate success.
Today, the Four Seasons currently manages over 80 luxury hotels and resorts in over 18 countries.


Pierre-Yves Rochon and Frank Nicholson are two names that are very well known to the hospitality industry's giants. Both designers have worked with the Four Seasons & Ritz Carlton creating classic and elegant environments which have been a great contribution to the success and reputation held by these 2 leaders for providing the finest and most luxurious hotel accommodations available today.

Originally from the Brittany region in France, Pierre–Yves Rochon lived in many foreign countries during his youth. This experience sharpened his curiosity of the world and gave him a broad open mindedness to culture and art. After hesitating between a career in classical music and the movie industry, he chose to study Fine Arts and Interior Design. He then worked for several well known contemporary interior designers, which enabled him to experiment with different design approaches, from traditional European to the wildest futuristic. Mr. Rochon founded his own company in 1979 and is now world–renowned for his award–winning luxury hospitality interior environments. He is personally involved in every assignment, approaching each project with a unique perspective and always keeping the business goals of the client in mind. These ideals have led to numerous awards for the interior design of five–star hotels, fine restaurants and private residences. His prestigious commissions include projects for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Ritz–Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Sofitel Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Hotels, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Peninsula Hotels. In addition, he has created restaurant environments for some of the world's most innovative chefs, such as Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse and Paul Bocuse. In all of his work, he strives to enhance every aspect of the guest experience while reflecting each location's culture, history and geography.

The firm's prestigious commissions include projects for the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, the Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Sofitel Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Hotels, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Peninsula Hotels. PYR has created restaurant environments for some of the world's most innovative chefs, such as Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse and Paul Bocuse. PYR Portfolio Following are 3 beautiful works of Rochon which includes my 2 favorites the Four Seasons in Paris & Geneva.


Bio: Frank Nicholson

Frank Nicholson, Boston born, is schooled in both Fine Arts and Architecture. He has twenty-five year’s experience in the hotel design field, with projects both domestic and abroad, and is the principal of Frank Nicholson Incorporated of Concord, Massachusetts, an Interior Design firm specializing exclusively in luxury hotel development. He has headed his own firm for many years with a small group of highly specialized designers and architects. In March of 1987, he was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. His work has been featured in books and publications of the world’s best hotels and is the recipient of many awards of excellence. Each year the listing of five star, five diamond best hotels includes properties designed by Frank Nicholson, Inc.

His design philosophy is to bring a timeless classically enduring quality of design to top of the market hotels while featuring fine art and antiques in a residential scale. Each hotel is designed to provide a unique individual character that reflects the flavor and tradition of its location.

Frank Nicholson Incorporated has provided the design for most Ritz-Carlton Hotels and a great many of the Four Seasons Ltd. Hotels throughout the world, as well as many individual luxury developments. Current projects include Europe, the Far East, the Pacific Rim, as well as important locations in the United States. Following are 3 of Nicholson's beautifully executed classic designs.


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I used to some work for The Four Seasons in New York.
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What a gorgeous post! You did it again! I have to book a trip to Geneva and also FLorence just to the Four Seasons there! Oh what splendor! The talent and vision that some people have is overwhelming! Just too lux! Thank you for this visual candy tonight!

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