Thursday, September 3, 2009

Savoury Waverly

The new side panel pattern for this blog is actually a fabric by Waverly called Felicite. The color is Mineral. I hope you like it as much as I do. It has become the inspiration as well as the actual fabric I chose for our Master bedroom redecorating project. (I've sent a courtesy email to Waverly with a heads up to avoid any copyright infringement. Hopefully, I don't have to remove it.)
After numerous months(practically a year) of putting off this project, I finally got the green light to redo the bedroom exactly the way I envisioned. Yay!!
The paisley pattern above was my original choice for the lining. However,my partner Dan convinced me it would be too busy and competitive with the primary fabric so I compromised and scratched the paisley.
In January, I shared my plans for the Master bedroom. I want to add pattern to the room since the walls and most of the fabric are just a solid color. I am a "Mario Buatta" kind of a guy so my vision of the ideal bedroom is one that has to be layered.
And, those layers have to include pattern. After much searching, I finally found beautiful fabric without the designer price tag! The deal is too good to refuse. Here are the contenders:

I love the vibrant "persimmons" color in this pattern but also know that it would be a color that I would tire of sooner than most. I also know it would limit my ability to throw in another color.

Now, this is actually my personal favorite of all the choices, but I just couldn't bring myself to step outside of the box. The colors are very bold which I usually like but in this case, the fabric is going everywhere. Drapes,Canopy,Bedding and a bench. We'd probably would have a hard time sleeping.

Another fabric I love and contemplated. I just love it. However, again, my fears of going too over the top kicked in and right back in the box I went.

Finally, I found this beautiful fabric that makes a bold statement with the pattern but toned it down with a subtle palette. The colors are so soothing. The best part of our decision to go with this fabric? The steal of a deal getting the fabric for $9.48 a yard. Unfortunately, the yardage requirement is staggering.
I found a local custom interiors shop, Custom Home Interiors that gave me the following labor quote:

1 – King size Duvet Cover, approx. 108” wide x 95” long, same fabric on both sides, no trim at edge.

$240 labor

1 – King Tailored bedskirt with approx. 14” drop, unlined.

$180 labor

2 – King shams 20” x 36”, no welt or flange specified.

$70 labor each

18 – Rod Pocket Panels 52” wide x 84” long, with lining.

$28 labor each

1 – King Empire valance canopy, lining in center, 14” long sides, no decorative trim or accents, lined.

$180 labor

The nice part about this is that I can do each project separately when the budget allows. My goal is to complete the bedroom before the end of the year. Stay tuned.


Janie's World said...

Beautiful choice, I can't wait to see it progress and then the finished product. Just seeing the few things you have put on your blog concerning your home, I trust that it will be AMAZING!

T.K. said...

gorgeous fabric choices. I would not be able to pick a favorite. I cannot wait to see the after photos. You have a very beautiful blog.

Theresa K.

Paris Atelier said...

Julio, I love your pick and I love the new blog design, it's so fresh and vibrant! Great choice, I can't wait to see pics of the final project, I just know it will be flawless! :)

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Julio...this is going to be insanely gorgeous! I ADORE your fabric selection and I am going to be soooo envious! I dream of having a bed with a canopy! I'm totally a Mario Buatta fan so I know already I'm going to love it! Please, please take Before pics and post on Met Mondays as each "After" occurs...we'll be able to watch it develop right along with you! Or you can just WOW us all at once when it's complete...though, I'm not sure my heart can take it! Can't wait! :-) Susan

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