Saturday, January 24, 2009

Master Bedroom Decorating Project

The Master bedroom addition for a 2 story English
Tudor Revival built in 1926 was part of a 6 month remodel project that
completed in December 2007. The project also included
a full bathroom and walk-in closet for the Master suite with
a family room directly below.

The canopy for the king poster bed was created with a box
pleated bed skirt. I embellished the skirt with several yards
of gold tassel fringe. I purchased a pair of brass wall mounted
swing arm lamps to flank each end of the head board for reading. I hope to get around to installing them soon. We are also looking for an upholstered storage bench for the foot of the bed.
It's a practical solution for storing the bedspread and decorative pillows after turning down the bed.

I also found 20 fully lined silk panels on clearance at Linen & Things in the same color palette as the canopy for a steal of a deal($20.00 per panel) to drape the four posts,the back of the headboard and all four windows in the bedroom. We purposely went with a solid fabric because we wanted to put up wallpaper in the room. We wanted the wallpaper to carry the pattern in the room so that we could appreciate the visual stimulation as we lookout from the bed or seating. Below are our current 3 choices. In fact,your comments on the choices would be greatly appreciated.

However, my partner Dan and I are debating if we should go with wallpaper, or instead, wait until we can afford to do a chair rail molding with picture moldings above and below the chair molding. Or, perhaps do wainscoting with the wallpaper on the top half.

The upholstered chairs on each side of the bed were a great find through Craigs
list. They were originally covered in a rust colored poly blend velvet. The butter yellow brocade fabric by Waverly was purchased at Hancock fabrics.

The chairs were initially in our library/office area. We've since purchased new(used)chairs for that area and thought these would work nicely in the
bedroom(at least for now)

A view of the west wall of the bedroom with the television and corner table seating.

Another view of the west and the corner north wall.

A view of the south wall with the entrance door from the upstairs landing. The
carpet is a cream color background with a sage trellis pattern.

Wallpaper option 1

Wallpaper option 2

Wallpaper option 3


Paris Atelier said...

Hi Julio! Okay, I don't know how I missed this post! I love it...I vote for Wainscoting and wallpaper on top! I love the wallpaper choices, tres chic!

As for the Man in the Red Shoes! I have also heard that! I'm going to start wearing Red shoes everyday so people instantly recognize me! LOL no, really, I have heard this and I have also heard that the courtiers (the men) would paint the heels of their shoes (yes, they were fancy) Red so that everybody would know they were people of great importance! So fun and interesting :) I hope all is well and that your appt went well. Sending you good thoughts my friend!

Tiffany Design said...

your bedroom is beautiful. I love the bed. The canopy is fantastic. I don't know about the wallpaper. I like the color on the wall now. What color is it? I think you should put the pattern in the fabric instead but thats just my personal taste. But I bet it would look spectacular based on your other rooms. you have a great talent for design.

Anonymous said...

I was excited to see that you have a blog ! I am a fan...thanks for the kind comment that you left at susan's. It did not compare to your christmas table 500 stars thanks vicky

Linda said...

Gorgeous room, had to come back and read your blog more. Thanks for your nice comments on mine.
Like your choice of carpet in here.
I vote for #1 or #3 on the wallpaper. #3 would give you more accent color choices. I like the wall color now but some pattern maybe on top with a wainscoting rail and then solid on bottom would be nice. You've done well so far, so cozy. I am looking for inspiration as I am having decorating block so bad, can't get motivated or inspired lately!

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