Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2009 Collection

No one understands the conservative woman better than McQueen.


Bill said...

Hello, Julio! What a fun post ... loved your comment about "understanding the conservative woman!!!"

Your blog and profile have a nice new look ... well done!

Hope the rest of your week goes well!


xinex said...

Hi Julio! What a collection of beautiful fashion! I like the black and white ones. Thank you so much for that very nice compliment of yours about my table. Coming from a very talented tablescaper, that really meant a lot to me....Christine

Pigtown-Design said...


Paris Atelier said...

My Dear Julio!!! I am in love with the very last suit and the gorgeous Red and Black cocktail dress!!! Like Rachel Zoe...I die!!!
So pretty, great post Doll!!!