Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing In Action.......A Sincere Thank You

Thank you all for the kind emails regarding my absence from blogland. I was so moved by your messages expressing well wishes and hope for my return to blogging. It's been an incredibly busy summer with most of the attention on the little American.
The older he gets, the more activities we become involved in. My respect for stay at home parents continue to soar as my head spins trying to juggle maintaining a home while also giving a demanding 4 year old my full attention. Getting to the computer has been a challenge these days as anytime the little guy sees me on it, he's pulling at me to turn it off.

Vacation house hunting-
Aside from the daily grind, we have been spending almost every free weekend in the Russian River area. Back in November, I mentioned a vacation home on the market there we really liked and we submitted an offer. Unfortunately, the home inspection report revealed much more repair work than we could afford to handle so it was back to ground zero. 3 potential properties later, we still haven't found the right fit for our family. However, we are hopeful that the perfect property will come up soon as we continue to search. I will keep you posted.

I am still pursuing a license agreement. I did submit my idea to a Lifetime Brands marketing agent back in April who seemed to like it and even said that he would present my idea in his next meeting with Lifetime Brands.
Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, he indicated they were not interested. I really wished I had been allowed to make the presentation.
I have since received lots of great advice from people in the industry which has inspired me to continue pursuing a deal. I was disappointed to learn that I missed an opportunity to attend the International Licensing Expo this past June. It is the perfect venue for meeting and presenting ideas directly to licensing agents and manufacturers. I will definitely try to be there next year. Hopefully, by then I will have a proto-type of the concept to present since I have learned it is extremely important when you only have a few minutes to win your prospects over.
Meanwhile, back at the house, I have been working on several trim projects. While the Little American might be able to interfere with my blogging, he has had to tolerate my decorating. Recently, we added chair rail and picture frame molding in the living room and rear foyer. I revealed that project in the last design post I shared.
Below is a sample board with the fabrics and pieces for the living room.
Please stay tuned; I will share the final look of the room in the coming days.

Also, please continue to follow me to see the following projects:
Dining room remodel (started 8/1/2011)
Kitchen remodel (planned start date 8/20/2011)


Entertaining Women said...
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Entertaining Women said...

Most of us have been there with our own Little Americans. Be kind to're dancing as fast as you can! I always thought that it was amazing that as busy as I was when they were little, the older they became, the busier my schedule became. But take, too, will survive and flourish...and so will the Little American. Glad that you're back with us. The elements for the room are enticing! Thanks for sharing them. Cherry Kay

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the update, Julio. I agree with Cherry Kay that the older kids get the busier you get, but it's a different kind of busy. As they grow they become less physically dependent, but more intellectually challenging. Parenting is such a ride! I love your "Four Seasons" concept! I would really love to own something like that.

Rettabug said...

I swear, Julio, if I ever win the Power Ball, I'm hiring you to come decorate the entire house!
You are very smart to set your priorities & the Little AM comes first. You will blink & he'll be as big as my Sweet Caroline who just turned 7. Then in another swift moment, he'll be getting his driver's permit, like my #1 grandson. It seems like yesterday I was sitting on the floor, building blocks with him, honest.
We'll be here when you send him off to college. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy! Your back! I check your blog site daily for new postings, and boy was I thrilled to see that your back. Its so true about children growing up fast, when mine were toddlers I could not wait to have some "me" time. Now they are 13 and 10. I love them! I do however miss those little people they used to be. Now gone for ever. Anyways, ...... Welcome back!!