Monday, August 15, 2011

"Breathtaking Indoor Gardens" by Arcadian Home Decor

Provided by guest blogger Jacob Hamilton of Arcadian Home Decor

Got a serious case of green thumb? Or maybe you live in an urban city and need to see a bit of greenery every so often? Whatever the case may be, bring the beauty of nature inside your home with a beautiful indoor garden.

An indoor garden can accent even the simplest of home décor; use colorful or patterned pots in addition to bright flowers to add lots of fresh color.

Indoor Gardens
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If you’re blessed with this kind of space and natural sunlight, why not use that to create a sort of gardening nook? Potted plants of various sizes and plant varieties, including a lemon tree, add certain freshness to this space.

Indoor Gardens

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Plants, plants, and a few more plants combine to make a very interesting indoor garden. This garden, located in the hall outside the mudroom (sort of a separate room for dirty shoes), must certainly brighten the day, coming or going. And you can tell Susan Zises Green really loves plants. In addition to all the potted plants, the wall art contains prints of leaves, as does the wallpaper!

Indoor Gardens

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An indoor garden was created in the corner of this home and you can do the same if you have an empty corner near a window. Potted plants of various sizes and types brighten up the space, while a terrarium is used for table decoration. There’s even a little potted plant on the wall. Too cute!

Indoor Gardens

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If you’re truly pressed for space, you can still create a lovely indoor garden. These Wooly Pockets are lined so you can water and mist your plants without causing damage to your walls or floor. Filled with botanicals, grasses and moss, a miniature garden like this would look really pretty in the bathroom. Or if you have a sunny kitchen you can grow your herb garden there.

Indoor Gardens

Mondette via Bosske

Another option for indoor gardens in small spaces is a sky planter. These upside down gardens save space and add a really unique touch to any space.

Indoor Gardens

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Instead of a few large potted plants, another great way to create an indoor garden is to create rows of several small potted plants. This is a great option for someone with a more advanced green thumb -- someone who knows how to care for lots of different types of plants.

Just in case you don’t even have a green thumb, here are some tips to care for, and cultivate, your own breathtaking indoor garden. Go for easy-to-care plants to like succulents, air plants, Phalaenopsis orchids or Aspidistra elatior. Take the basic maintenance techniques of watering the soil and misting the leaves/flowers and these plants will last about a month. Good luck!

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