Monday, March 14, 2011

Who is Isabelle de Borchgrave?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Pulp Fashion exhibition by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave at San Francisco's Legion Of Honors Museum. Other than not being allowed to take photographs, I was not disappointed. Borchgrave's brilliant talent and attention to detail is evident in each piece showcased in the exhibit.
If you aren't familiar with de Borchgrave, she is renowned for creating all her masterpieces made only of paper. That's right, from the costumes to the jewelry and accessories. All paper. If you get an opportunity to see her work in person, I encourage you to do so.
(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

This first stunning 18th century panniers(french basket) dress, one of a couple in the "à la française" collection was created in May 2001 for the Papiers à la Mode exhibit.

(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

It is also featured at the Legion Of Honors, Pulp Fashion exhibit along with the following costumes. The palatial backdrop for de Borchgrave's costumes are from the book "Paper Illusions: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave" by writer and photographer duo Barbara and Rene Stoeltie.

(photo byRene Stoeltie)

This gown was created in 1998. It was inspired by ca. 1780 court dress from the Kyoto Costume Institute.

(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

Gilet d'homme(waistcoat) ca. 1760 in paper created in 2001 for the Papiers à la Mode exhibit in Japan in 2002.

(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

A Charles Federick Worth replicated evening Dress(bottom of staircase) ca.1898.
A noir "à la française" dress ca.1795 inspired by one found in the Kyoto Costume Collection. Both costumes were created in 1997.

(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

Dress(striped) of the Museum of Printed Textiles of Mulhouse ca.1840 was created in 1998 & Dress Venetian Court ca. 1745 was created in 1997.

(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

This work, created in 2006, is a replica of the dress worn by Maria de Medici. Inspired by a ca. 1555 portrait by Italian artist Allesandro Allori.
A close up of the amazing craftsmanship. Yes, even the pearl like beads were created out of paper.

(photo by Rene Stoeltie)

This replica is of the dress worn by Eleanora of Toledo Borchgrave created in 2006.

(Photo by Andreas von Einsiedel)

This piece was inspired by a ca. 1545 portrait by Italian artist Agnolo Bronzino.

Borchgrave(top right corner with blond hair) with collaborating artists painting the details on the Eleanora of Toledo gown.

Elizabeth I court dress inspired by a ca. 1599 portrait by the studio of Nicholas Hilliard.



Julio, this is unbelievable! What an artist and someone with such infinite talent and imagination... amazing!!! They look like nothing else but cloth. I most certainly love to get her book, stunning clothing made of paper!
I thank you for sharing this and showing us such incredible thing.
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Styling by Coty Farquhar said...

Isn't she wonderful!
Julio, like you.... she has a wonderful and creative mind!

xxx Coty

Shirley said...

what a great exhibit. I wish I lived in California so I could see this show.

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