Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Perfectly Made Bed- David Monn

Found an interesting article in the latest Departures issue by Event Designer David Monn:

The key to a perfectly made bed starts with crisp, unwrinkled sheets. My secret: Once washed, fold them up as small as possible, roll tightly and put in the freezer overnight. Yes, people will call you crazy, but trust me, it works. The next day, simply shake them out, iron them and put them on the bed.

When it comes time to add the top sheet, include a foot fold, a trick for creating extra room in the sheets at the foot of the bed so your feet don’t feel pinned down. They do it at London’s Lanesborough Hotel, and it felt so comfortable that I asked the butler to teach me his method. Leave eight inches of sheet to spare at the head of the bed (this will fold down later over your blanket). At the foot of the bed, take the sheet in both hands and fold an eight-inch pleat toward yourself. Then add the blanket, fold down the overhang at the head and tuck in all around. It’s very simple, but it makes all the difference sliding into bed at night!

(photo of David Monn taken by Michael Loccisano for Getty Images)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the idea of a footfold, I'll have to try that! I'm not totally convinced on putting the sheet in the freezer though -have you guys tried that? I love the eccentricity of it though.

The enchanted home said...

Put them in the freezer? Huh? What? next to my meat and frozen package of lima beans? I think I will stick with the footfold idea..love that. If my family opened the freezer and found sheets rolled up like little ice cream roll cakes they might think mommy lost her marbles.....lol. Agreed though NOTHING beats a super well made bed with amazing crisp sheets!

The Devoted Classicist said...

Although skeptical of the freezer hint, the foot fold idea is a great one! (I am tall and have huge feet so the typical tight tuck-in does not work for me).

Anonymous said...

I had a housekeeper in California that would make our beds with the footfold. I have tried and tried to get my new housekeepers to do it but they say its too complicated.