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Guest Blogger Jabbour Linens

Guest blogger Aleya Bamdad with R Jabbour & Sons Linens
has graciously offered to share her expert advice with Beaux Mondes Design's readers on how to imbibe your bathroom with a tropical ambiance.

The company was founded 79 years in ago in New York City by Ralph Jabbour. The company expanded over the years to its current location at 108 Forest Avenue Locust Valley, NY 11560.

R Jabbour & Son's is in its fourth generation of family ownership and offers goods for your linen needs in the bedroom, bathroom and dining room.

How to Use Tropical Inspirations in Your Bath Decor
By: Aleya Bamdad/Jabbour Linens

Your home’s bathroom should be a place of serenity to start a fresh, new day or a place to wash worries
away at day’s end. It’s a place where you, your family and your guests visit often and take notice of your
surroundings. There are many ways to decorate a bathroom and bring in a feeling of tranquility. However,
in this blog, I’m going to concentrate on how to decorate a bathroom using tropical influences.
For your walls, choose a warm, soft color that reminds you of summer days and the tropics. Colors such
as a Seafoam Pearl or White Willow consist of light blues and greens that can be found in nature and
give a feeling of serenity and open space. Pinks and oranges are beautiful and warm, but they tend to
make the bathroom appear smaller and are better suited for rooms intended to promote excitement and
If you have the option, add more light to the room. High hat lighting fit nicely into the ceiling and deliver a
lot of light to make your bath décor more luminous.
Making the transition from heavy-looking, dark hardware to lightly-colored, smaller pieces of hardware
can make your bath appear more spacious and cleaner. Smaller, lighter hardware doesn’t stop and
capture the attention of the viewer the way darker, heavier pieces of hardware would. Faucets, handles
and racks are decorative, but more importantly, they are intended for functional use. For this reason, it is
best for the rest of your bathroom stand out and let your hardware do its job.
You don’t want an overwhelming amount of color in your bathroom décor, so a clear shower curtain works
best. However if you choose to have a colored shower curtain, return to the basics of picking a serene
color that matches your towels and walls. Shower curtains that have pictures of flowers and seashells can
be a nice choice as well, but your use of patterned shower curtains should fit the context of the rest of
your bath décor.
Towels for personal or guest use can be fun, inspiring and the perfect accessories to decorate your
bathroom. Stick to one or two different colors. Any more than two will make your bath décor appear
disheveled and messy. If you wish to use towels with prints, you can either display two towels with the
same pattern and in the same colors, or place one patterned towel between two matching solid ones.
Embroidered towels with summery patterns can add a touch of elegance to your bath décor.
The color of your bath mat should complement the rest of your bath décor. If you find that you only like
certain colors in your bath décor, then your best bet would be to match your bath mat to your towels. You
can usually find bath mats to match your towels, keeping your bathroom décor looking clean and unified.
Place a plant on the windowsill. The greenery will brighten the bathroom and instill a feeling of life.
Add additional accessories such as candles, potpourri, seashell or flower shaped soaps or a bowl of
shells in your bath. This provides additional color to your bath décor as well as bring in a stronger sense
nature that we find ourselves surrounded by during the tropics.
Get inspired, be creative and don’t forget to have fun experimenting.
Using tropical influences in your décor is an easy way to make your bathroom one of the more welcoming
and tranquil rooms in your home. Soft colors, nature inspired accessories and fresh scents all blend
together to give you a feeling of calming, peace and the kind of joy that you can only feel on a beautiful
warm day on a tropical island.

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(All images courtesy of Jabbour Linens)

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