Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Little American's First Day Around The City

Wow! My first exciting day around Paris and I just can't stop looking up at all the tall monuments.

Both Daddy(Julio) & Papa(Dan) were still trying to adjust to the 9 hour time difference from California. I guess they should have taking their own advice about going to sleep early on the plane. So, they decided we should just stroll around our area for a nearby exhibit. As we walked along the Seine river, we were captivated by the vibrant gold statues atop these enormous pillars that crowned what appeared to be an important bridge.
We just had to get a closeup of the bridge.

It turned out this is the Alexander III bridge built at the turn of the last century to commemorate a peace treaty between France and Russia.

Anchoring one side of the beautiful bridge was this wonderful metal and glass top building. It really caught Papa's eye and he just had to get a look inside.

Well, this is what we found; an interesting display by Christian Boltanski of rows of coats laid on the floor in rectangles between 4 rusted iron poles. The entire expanse of this huge atrium was filled with the sound of the human heartbeat. Papa thought the piles of clothes reminded him of a World War II Concentration camp. The artist's stated intent was to create a work of ", religious and humanistic exploration of life, memory and the irreducible individuality of each and every human existence=together with the presence of death, the dehumanization of the body.." Well, whatever that means...Papa read it to me from the program.

Just off the distance, there was a pyramid of coats

I was truly amazed at how all these coats could make a tall hill. Papa told us that the entire exhibit is suppose to project the enormity of how much our society has amassed in creating the human shell. Daddy says Papa and I create a very similar sculpture at home every 3 days.

After only 10 minutes here, Papa & Daddy were already set to leave but not me, I really enjoyed watching the big red claw coming down and digging into the pile then going all the way up and dropping back in...weeeee! yeah! do it again! Wait Daddy, a few more times... please? Oh, by the way, this building is the Grand Palais built for the 1900 World's Fair.

Okay, now we're off with our rolling grocery bag to the open market on the Rue Cler for a few items for tonight's dinner.

The Rue Cler market is a very popular location with many of the locals for their daily fresh foods like produce,fish,meat and baked goods.

Ah! we are at the Rue Cler.

Hmm, where is a good place to start?

Well, I like what I see to the right but I see Papa ahead with my stroller looking at the produce section.

Hmmm...French grapes look just like grapes back home.

I am not sure what these are, but when Papa wasn't looking I grabbed one and popped it in my mouth. I quickly spit it out because I did not like it at all.

Okay, my bag is filled with tonight's dinner; French grapes, baguettes, French cheese (which I did not like) and some French spread in a jar that both Papa & Daddy swear is delicious but told me not to mention it on the blog or to just tell everyone they bought some vegetable pate. I could have sworn I heard the shop keeper talking about a goose when he sold it to them?

That's all for revoir for now!


Lize said...

Beautiful pics, Julio. And your little assistant looks adorable! have a wonderful trip!

Visual Vamp said...

I just love these posts!!!
It's like reading a great book!
It's the best travel story ever!
Can hardly wait for the next installment.
Love to you all...
xo xo

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Ah, Little American, what a wonderful recitation of the day's events!

Perhaps your dads will bundle you up warmly and take you on a cruise down the Seine where you can pass under all those wonderfully ornate bridges and see them up close!

And, foi gras for dinner, no less! You're becoming a most sophisticated Little American!

au revoir!

Janie's World said...

Very enjoyable! Looking forward to the third installment of the Little American.

Linda Q said...

Daniel and Daddy Julio and Pappa Dan, so loving your adventures. Almost feel like I am there. The bridge, amazing! Makes me want to make French food, maybe I will this week, haven't done it for awhile.
Still think Little Boy in Paris would be a great book series!!
Jouir de Paris mon amies!
Au revoir,
Linda Q


What a great fist day! The little american can start his own travel series on tv - I bet they will be a hit.

sinnlighet said...

Woooow what a wonderful blog you have! Fell into this via another blog and will stop and look around.

Agneta, Sweden

mickey said...

Everyone thinks you must do a tv series, the coat exhibit was realy something. I believe there is a hand cranked Carousel near by for petit boys dressed black. love MIMI

Paris Atelier said...

Oh my goodness Little Daniel! What an adventure!!! I love reading about this wonderful trip and you are making me miss Paris very much! Have a fantastic time eating crepes (Nutella = Yummy).
Much Love Mon Petit!

Swanbergs Stories said...

BEBE DANIEL< I only hope your parents are having as much fun as youare. I am glad the boys in the park were so nice to play with you. Today Rocco asked if you have eated a crossiant yet???? we miss you and wish we were there. to dads, by the place de vogses, there is a cafe, called Victor Hugos we had the best onion soup there..MIMIgrandpapa says have fun...

Mélanie said...

I love my tour with the little american !!!

prashant said...

It's the best travel story ever!
Can hardly wait for the next installment.

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