Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Transparency....The New Chiavari

Many of the design blogs I subscribe to rave about Philippe Starck's Ghost chair and rightfully so. A beautiful translucent interpretation of the classic Louis XVI arm chair that would compliment almost any setting. In many cases lately, even steal the spotlight.
Since it first became available for the event/party rental market in 2006, the Ghost chair has quickly become the most sought after seat for social events earning its reputation as the Couture chaise of choice over its long standing predecessor, the Chiavari chair.

Resource One inc., located in the Los Angeles area, is an event planning company and a distributor for the Philippe Starck's Louis & Victoria Ghost chairs which currently are available for hire at $40.00 for the Louis and $30.00 for the Victoria. A $10.00 price drop since 2006 when they rented for $50.00-$40.00. However, ExhibitHire in the UK offers the chairs at $9.50 GBP($14.00 U.S. dollars). Nevertheless, the current price point is still likely to prevent the mainstream from jumping on the trend wagon anytime soon. In the meantime, the wealthy 2 % , with their unlimited budgets, will continue to revel in these exclusive gems.

Initially there were some concerns about the durability of the Ghost chairs for high traffic use holding up to scratches. However, Roberta Karsch, President and founder of Resource one inc. explained in a 2006 interview with Event-Solutions magazine that "Resource One uses a special cream from the manufacturer to buff out any scratches.

I contacted my local Classic Party Rentals, one of the nations leading event party rentals company and choice for several high profile events to inquire if they offered the Ghost chairs. Unfortunately, they do not at this time. However, the sales agent(Sacramento office) indicated they hope to have them before the end of this year.

The sales representative further mentioned the Ghost chair's rival, the "ice" chair($6.00 per chair) is the popular new choice with many of their customers. The ice chair is the acrylic version of the original Chiavari and is beautiful. However, the comfort level remains the same. In my opinion, the Ghost chair provides better comfort.

Nevertheless, the steep difference between $40.00 and $6.00 is enough to sway any budget conscience party planner toward the Ice chair. I personally love both chairs. I think the Chiavari is a classic chair that will continue to be in demand. As a party planner, it's great to have another beautiful option.

As you can see from many of these event photos, it's easy to see why the Ghost chair has gained such popularity. Their translucence, mildly put are illuminating. My favorite is the Louis.

The chairs become a glowing accent to the table minimizing any visual obstruction showcasing the table setting and centerpiece for all guests to marvel at its beauty.

I just love the reflective glow the chairs make on the illuminated floor.

Recognizing the Ghosts strong appeal, makers of the Chiavari chair introduced the "Ice" chair which maintained the look of its original Chiavari but with a translucent acrylic frame.

(photos from resource one inc. , exhibithire.co.uk & ghostchairrentals.com)


Paris Atelier said...

Julio! I'm dying over here! What a beautiful post. I love the Ghost chair for events :) It's "hauntingly" beautiful (sorry for the pun). Those images are lovely and it makes me want to throw a party! It would be great to be able to rent them through my local party rental, even just to have some friends over for a luncheon. I'm not mad at the Ice chair either! I hope you are well, and I hope business is still good for you with everything going on right now in the country! *hugs*

Scribbler said...

The ice chair is fantastic. Thanks for keeping me updated -- you are like my personal continuing education guru!


Sabina said...

I absolutely love this look - just gorgeous!!

Take care.

Robyn said...

check out my Ghost chair find:


Chris said...

Wow. This is so COOL! I love the look of this!

I don't know if I could sit there, though. Everyone can see everything!

victoria thorne said...

what great taste you have, sir! sumptuous. delightful!

Anonymous said...

WAIT!!!!! You are all missing out. A new Design Company called OC Designs just came out with the CC Chair or Crystal Chiavari chair, which is made from a patented design and is more comfortable and stronger then the Ghost Chair. It has a flexible back!!
Check it out...

Margie-already married wish I had the crystal chiavari by oc designs at my wedding!

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