Sunday, March 15, 2009

Counting Threads For A Comfortable Nights Sleep

(image from Hotel Luxury Collection)

From Consumer Reports:
Some thread counts are bogus
Thread count is the new marketing mantra for sheets. The higher the better, you’ll hear. But some sheet makers are boosting thread count simply by counting wrong.

The right way to count is to add up all vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch of fabric. Two hundred is typical and perfectly fine; 400 may provide a finer, softer sheet. Above 400, the only difference is likely to be price.

Our tests included some sheets listing thread counts of far more. The discontinued Linensource Regency Collection, $280 per queen set, claims a stunning 1,200.

Then we checked the math. Many sheet makers, including Linensource, count plies--very thin yarns that make up a thread. We hired an independent textile lab to count threads. The actual count: 416. That’s just 35 percent of what Linensource claims.

Bottom line: Pick a sheet between 200 and 400 thread count that meets your other criteria. Paying more for higher thread count is wasting money.


Paris Atelier said...

Great post Julio! Interesting! I guess I'm a sucker, I always look for the highest count! I love the Heavenly collection at Nordy's. That's where my sheets are from, I should go look at the count :)

***My husband just walked in and said "The Count? Aa Aa ha (like the Count from Seasame Street) Oh Lord!***


Zelda said...

wanna sleep

Linda said...

Julio, I always learn so much from your blog. Not that I didn't know about sheets but all the other things as well. Thanks for dropping in my blog lately. Hope your S.O., Dan? and your little one are well.
I am just waiting on Spring to get warm and stay that way!
Till then I am keeping busy inside, organizing like a mad women and starting my Spring cleaning.
Take care of you,

Meade Design Group said...

I have to admit I am a sheet snob - I have this mantra that luxury in live is in the things that you touch everyday and if you sleep 8 hours in a bed - you definitely need good sheets, and I have test over time that the count is not always the way to go.

pve design said...

Counting sheep
Counting threads
All for sweet dreams-

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Julio...I've noticed this. I won't buy sheets without finding a way to get that zipper on the package open far enough to see how they feel. I've felt some that supposedly had a high thread count that felt awful! I wonder if Judith means Nordstroms...if so, I'll have to check out that brand she mentioned. I'm a sheet snob, too, I'm afraid. LOL Great post, as always! Susan

Chris said...

I'm SO glad you mentioned this. I couldn't figure out why my nubile, porcelain skin couldn't detect a difference in the 600 count that I paid too much for...

Brad and Lisa said...

There is definetely a difference in sheets, however. There are some that are definetely softer. I don't know if it the Egyptian cotton or what. Could you fill us in on what does make a sheet softer than others? It seems like the old sheets from the 60's or 70's seem to be the softest and last the longest. Although I did get some 500 cotton Egyptian cotton from Target that is pure heaven, and my guest always ask me what kind of sheets I use.

Sarah said...

Wow amazing! Good to know! I find 300 ct seem so nice to me that I haven't bought more than that yet.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I figured out some of it on my own and stopped looking only for the very highest thread count. It's nice to see it all written out for me though. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

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