Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Time Basket Case

With Springtime just around the corner, outdoor attractions such as parks,beaches and lakes become popular day trips or weekend getaways. Since baby Daniel joined our family in November 2007, long distance vacations are out of the question until he is a bit older. In the meantime, I've shifted my excitement to creating stylish and elegant alfresco dining.

I purchased this picnic basket and matching cooler at William Glen. A durable Sisal weave construction with leather trim and brass hardware. The hard canvas with leather trim wine tote(left) was purchased at Eddie Bauer .

The basket is for 4. However, I converted the basket for six by adding additional plates,knives and forks. I stored the extra 2 glasses in the matching cooler to complete the set for six.

I replaced the original utensils with a more elegant set of stainless steel pattern by Gorham. I also replaced the coffee cups with cut crystal tumblers and finally the white ceramic plates for blue and whites for a more formal setting.
Now, most people I know stop at the picnic basket. Not me.

I like to take it a step further to make certain that in the event I should have to provide my own seating, I am prepared with coordinating ultra lightweight folding chairs and table for my guests. I purchased 6 of the above chairs at Target last year during their clearance sale for $15.00 each. For the grassy knoll, 2 sand toned fleece blankets with waterproof backing.

A blue and white ceramic basket vase such as the one above for 2 small potted flowers and voila! a beautiful portable outdoor setting for six!!! We have tentative(errands/chores permitting)plans for a day trip to Rutherford Hill winery in Napa Valley this weekend which is a 40 minute drive. If we make it, I'll post photos of our spread. Below are 2 vintage cases I found online while browsing for the latest picnic baskets. I hope you enjoy the photos.

A vintage picnic case for 2 (Bonhams)

A vintage portable cafe station (Bonhams)

Following are several picnic baskets/cases that I thought screamed "Class"

The Windsor Basket for 4 available at Bed Bath & Beyond

A beautiful canvas hard shell picnic case with leather trim and wood handles for a party of 4. Available at Picnic World

A sophisticated weekender picnic case for 4 available at Picnic World

The Estate collection picnic case for 4 available at Overstock

Terazzo red striped basket for 4 available at Picnic Fun

Terazzo elite for 2 available at Picnic Fun

Terazzo elite for 2 in Tangerine available at Picnic Fun

Cornish Blue Basket for 4 available at Picnic Fun

Serenity Rose by Sutherland Baskets available at Picnic Baskets Online

Gordon Luxury Wine & Tea Picnic Basket For 4 available at Elegant Picnics

Canvas hard shell picnic trunks with leather trim for 2 available at Neiman Marcus

For the no-limit budget individual with a desire to piss off the masses.

This lavish picnic trunk is by Pinel & Pinel, a purveyor of French luxury well known for its contemporary and bespoke trunks.

You can purchase this trunk for a mere $45,000.00(U.S. Dollars)

This picnic trunk is by Goyard a popular French packing case and trunk maker. The case comes equipped with everything you’d need for a well-dressed picnic table at the Silver cutlery, porcelain plates, crystal tumblers and more are tucked into a leather case in the brand’s signature print.

Picnic Trunk For Six By Louis Vuitton

Vodka,Caviar & Blini anyone? (Louis Vuitton)

This picnic basket by Coach debuted in 2005.


Susan (Between Naps On The said...

OK, this isn't fair...your picnic basket has better china than my cupboards! :-) I am beyond impressed...this is fine dining on the go if I ever saw it! Yes, please do take pics of your upcoming trip/picnic...would be perfect for a Tablescape Thursday...and different...noone has done a spread on a grassy knoll, yet! I'm checking out some of these sites. I especially love the plaid set! Thanks for another fantastic is such a treat to visit your blog! Susan

Linda Q said...

Hi, hope you folks all well, especially that little one of yours. Thanks for stopping in my blog again friend! I had wondered what you are up to. I imagine working hard and decorating someplace.
Wow, didn't know they had so many types of nice picnic baskets. I would have to go for the red one, love red!
And yes, take photos if you go, been years but I love the Napa Valley!

Mélanie said...

Beautiful picnic baskets! Let's go outside ...

Lady Katherine said...

I was looking at a my tea with my lovley 90 year old friend, (posted on Tablescape Thursday), comments I read yours again, and wanted you to know how much it meant to me. Thank you for such kind words. Hazel is a joy to everyone who knows her. When she came for tea, she had just left the school, where she demo weaving on a large loom. The loom was still in her car, how she ever loaded it, I can not guess. I gald I came to this article, I love the picnic ideas! I have a 1908 Craftman's Bungalow, and a picnic basket was left in the house. My daughter gave me another picnic basket years ago. I never used either! Now, I can see a picnic coming, we have 10 acres and two ponds, there is a large tree by one. I think I am going to be there just as soon as the weather is right! Thank you so much! Now I need to go and look inside my picnic basket and see if it has holders in it. lol

katiedid said...

OMG the options seem endless! Looking forward to those free concerts in the park this summer! March and April in Napa is so gorgeous! I look forward to photos. :)


Fun! I like the last one - I definitely need a basket for my excursions in the west coast.

Unknown said...

If you need gift baskets in the future, send me an e-mail. I'll get them to at the lowest prices available from

Best Regards,

Karen Little said...

Wow! Enjoyed viewing your picnic basket pictures. Such a lovely baskets and elegant ones.

Alana said...

Hi there,

I've been looking for the exact same chairs that you found at Target. I can't seem to locate those or anything similar on their site. Do you remember what they were called? -Or do you still have a link?

Thank you! I loved your post. It was a real feast.


niartist said...

Oh, wow! Ok - so now I'm reading more, and you adopted almost 2 years ago, now. Well still, congratulations to you two!

Susanna King said...

Amazing, my wife would love your picnic box! Cant wait for summer

Cathy said...

Does anyone know where to purchase empty picnic baskets/trunks of this quality that I can fill with my own dishes etc.?
Cathy, Santa Fe

Angelina-Alvarez said...

Handmade baskets from Africa is a made of characteristic straw prevalently used to make excursion crates as well as seats, tables, collapsing dividers, and the sky’s the limit from there.

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