Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Office

This is Dan's downtown office which is a block away from the court house. The yellow upholstered client chairs were a find on Craigs list. The original fabric was a nice beige chenille but showed signs of aging. The yellow fabric is by Waverly. The red paisley fabric for the 2 chairs in the corner next to the window is by Ralph Lauren. The chairs were new and purchased and upholstered at Calico Corners. I was working at Calico Corners during that time. Unfortunately, I only lasted 2 months. Every time I showed up for work I wanted to browse and shop instead forgetting I was there to work. However, I learned quite a bit about fabric construction during my time there so I considered the experience well worth it.

This is the conference room that I also use when I need to meet with clients downtown. The beige chenille chairs were purchased at Zgallerie at a terrific deal of $150.00 per chair which were originally $275.00 each. On the other hand, the burgundy leather chairs and the pedestals used for the table were purchased at Scoffields which was the opposite of a great deal. Scoffields has since closed for business. It was considered one of the cities premier furniture store. It was sad to see them go. The chairs are by Baker furniture. I don't recall who made the columns for the tables but I do remember them being extremely heavy and costing $15,000.00. That price is crazy huh..but it's what the firm insisted they wanted. Of course, this was at a time when they were celebrating a recent victory. We installed the track lighting and had the bookcases built for the legal reference books.

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