Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Lost Art Preserved In Southern California

If you have a great affinity for architectural ornamentation like I do,then I'm sure you're familiar with JP Weavers Company located in Glendale, California. I posted 4 of my favorite plaster crown mouldings. JP Weavers is nationally recognized as a leader in the old world art of ornate plaster mouldings that is only found in the great historic palaces in Europe. The company's skillful artisans not only have perfected the art of the original plaster moulding, but have incorporated the latest technology using petisin which is a brand name for the company's resin based, flexible, paint able classic interior ornamentation. This technology was brought to the United States by J.P. Weaver from a family history of ornament making in London that dated unbroken back to the work of the Adam brothers in the late 1700's. For more information, visit JP Weavers Company

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