Sunday, October 5, 2008

Florentine Luxe

(photo taken of Passamaneria pillows and table top purchased in 1999)

My first time in Florence,Italy was in 1999. While there, I visited the Passamaneria Toscana shop near the San Lorenzo market. My first reaction when I walked in was "Whoa". The salesclerk chuckled at my reaction responding in English with a beautiful Italian accent, "would you like one of everything?". The shop walls were filled with beautiful fabric trims,pillows,tabletops and tapestries from floor to ceiling. A friend told me about the store and suspected I would like it. He was absolutely right. I loved it. I couldn't leave without bringing something back home. So I hunted down Dan back at the hotel and convinced him our living room could resemble a room at the Pitti Palace(we had just visited and he loved so much)if we were to purchase the perfect table top and decorative pillows from Passamaneria. He reluctantly agreed. Yay! We purchased the beautiful gold silk table top in the photo with the 3 decorative pillows. The shop is truly a spectacular store for fine Florentine accessori del tessuto. It's been 9 years now so I imagine the prices have gone up a bit. However, during our visit, we spent under $1,000.00 for the 4 items. Today I still have the table top in the living room, but the pillows have been stored in the attic. I brought them out just for this photo shoot(I know, it was nice of me to go through all that for're welcome). You can visit their website by clicking on Passamaneria Toscana

(photo taken of purchased pillows and tabletop from Passamaneria Toscana)

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Elisha said...

Wow…. your decorative pillows are fabulous, too have seen beautiful collection of them at Smith and Noble.