Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Thanks In Blue & White

Another memorable Thanksgiving celebration with loved ones! The past few years we have celebrated Thanksgiving at the Dacha. This year our Thanksgiving was at home instead.  We celebrated with Papa Dan's family.  His parents,  his sisters Dana and Kerry and Dana's husband Steve joined us.  A party of 8.

Rather than use the dining room, I  decided to set the table in the family room for a change of pace.   I also wanted to brighten up this year's dinner with a vibrant blue and white color scheme as opposed to the classic Fall palette of browns and burnt orange hues.

 The china is Blue Canton.  In addition to the its color, I chose these dishes since they are dishwasher safe!  Only the dinner and salad/bread plates were required for the menu.  Parklane crystal water goblets by Mikasa.  Blue Hungarian crystal stemware by Ajka.

The floral fabric used for the table cloth was designed by Sarah Walden, owner of Peacoquette Designs. I purchased 8 yards then I cut it into 2 equal pieces.  I took the 2 pieces and put them side by side and then sewed them together so had I the proper sized cover to  drape a couple inches from the floor all around the table.

For a little dramatic chinoiserie flair, I added a pair of ceramic Chinese guardian lions(Foo dogs)and small ming vases.  I set another Chinoiserie themed table for Christmas in 2015 which I used the very same foo dogs.  Although I have quite a few collections of Chinese guardian lions, these are my favorite.  I just love their deep rich blue color.

This year I wanted a photo of the turkey taking center stage on the table before it was whisked away to be carved for the buffet table. So, I placed the turkey platter at the center to reserve its space as I layered the table.

Voila! Papa Dan's 16 lbs turkey turned out beautifully. I embellished it with fresh sage,rosemary, slices of lemon,  slices of oranges and grapes. The fabulous enameled pagoda flatware was designed by the talented Tina of the Enchanted Home.

Lemon leaves,key limes and miniature pears adorn the ming vases and candlesticks.

The Menu

Buffet Table

Buffet Table

Carved Turkey

Sausage Stuffing

Green Beans sauteed in butter topped with deep fried onion rings

Vegetable Stuffing with Custard and Goat Cheese

Whipped Mashed Potatoes

Fresh Cranberry sauce

Dessert was the traditional vanilla ice cream with Papa Dan's moms delicious homemade pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Now, it's time to bring on the Christmas decorations. Happy Holidays!

I will be submitting this post to the "Share Your Style" blog party and Susan's Tablescape Thursdays where you can find wonderful and creative ideas from many talented bloggers.  Visit The Vintage Nest  and Between Naps On The Porch for more ideas.



Your table is utterly stunning! I love the blue and white china and the flatware is awesome. Your accessories are great too, like the foo dogs, I have them too and they do make a statement no matter where... love tehm at the dinner table.
The table topper in a floral blue and white is gorgeous, I'd love to find a material like that to sew one.
Thank you for the great inspiration.
PS: The food looks fabulous, wish I was there too.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I can't tell you how MUCH I LOVE this table! I would have loved to be a guest! I was going to ask about the flatware, I would love to have it. I'll run over to Tina's and see is I can afford any:):) I LOOOVE the blue foo dogs. I have 2 celadon green ones and have never seen blue ones! Everything is just exquisite!!! Bravo!

LARR- Feathering My Empty Nest said...

Wow! Your blue and white chinoiserie Thanksgiving table is just spectacular. I love the mix of patterns in the ginger jars, tablecloth, and blue willow transferware. I also love your deep blue Foo dogs. Thanks for sharing your creativity with Share Your Style.

Sandra @ Dinner at Eight said...

Absolutely gorgeous! But then I'm a blue-obsessed kind of girl! Loved the play of patterns and especially the use of solid placemats to allow your eyes to rest before moving on to the next delicious thing. I'm in love with your serving table setup - so pretty as well as functional - and that you used such lovely serving pieces.

santamaker said...

PERFECTION...Your tablescape is like a beautiful painting, I looooove it!

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