Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Best Dressed Turkey(platter)

How many of us still put the turkey on the table? If you're the designated chef for Thanksgiving and also want to impress your guests with more than just a delicious turkey, here are some great costume ideas.
William Sonoma
Adding edibles on the platter such as fruits and herbs are a great way to visually enhance and prepare everyone's taste palette.
Suggestions:  Rosemary,sage,basil,tarragon,mint,lavender,lemons,limes,oranges,sage,cranberries,grapes,pears & walnuts.

I know its a challenge for me to find room on the table for the center attraction(Turkey) by the time I have brought all the supporting actors to the stage. 

The flowers, the candles, the stemware, the plates, the napkins and tabletop embellishment steal the show and crowd the space.

Here is a little a teaser of this year's table.  Although the Turkey platter will not be the main centerpiece for this year's table, it will take centerstage when the guests first arrive and before the traditional carving ceremony.  Please stay tuned for more photos and details of our Thanksgiving dinner celebration.