Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Outdoor Mantel Surround

Seasons Greetings!  A delicious vodka martini with 2 olives this past Sunday evening before dinner to toast a fun weekend of holiday decorating.  Both Saturday and Sunday we joined our neighbors on the block for our 2nd street lighting party stringing connected holiday lights along everyone's tree. To add to the holiday spirit, Daniel had his annual Christmas piano recital and our new backyard mantel surround was ready(enough)to be decorated for Christmas.

After 10 years(when the addition was built)I finally got around to having a mantel surround installed on the exterior side of our two sided fireplace between the family room and backyard.

The exterior side is primarily for a visual effect, however, if you are close enough you will definitely feel the warmth.

I found a very budget friendly mantel surround online.  I used the Olioboard design application to get an idea what the mantel would look like installed before purchasing.

First day of installation. Notice the surround does not go to the ground?  The space is for the concrete or stone hearth we will add during the spring time.

The hearth will definitely be Daniel and the fur babies' favorite spot.  Our little guy loves laying next to a fire with his Chuweenie, Loki,  in his arms and his Chow Chow sister ,Rococco (Cocco), next to his side.

Applied the same outdoor semi-gloss black paint used on the french doors.

The bottom are is painted in the same black paint for now until the hearth is added.  

Painted and added 3 of this decorative wood applique for additional architectural detail.

Time for the fun part which is decorating the mantel!

Finally, the space is ready for an intimate gathering with a glass of wine(or martini in my case) in the evening, or a piping hot cup of cocoa or coffee in the morning.

Thank you for visiting.  I will be joining "Feathering My Empty Nest" Share your style party this week where you can find lots of wonderful and creative decorating and cooking ideas from several talented bloggers.    Enjoy the holiday season!


Sandra @ Dinner at Eight said...

Classic and fabulous! Love the use of black as punctuation.


Oh my, this is amazing and you got impeccable taste my friend. I adore all the black and white with the spectacular C'mas décor.
Thank you for your kind comment. Drop by again, I have a new post.
I will look to follow you for sure.

gme said...

How elegant!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea! You are very talented and I love reading your blog!:)

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