Friday, January 13, 2012

BudaPest, Hungary

A view of the Parliament House
 I saw the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol the other day.  It was fantastic.  The movie opened with a scene in Budapest, Hungary.  Coincidentally, I had just read an article about the disturbing state of politics in Hungary.

View of the Chain Bridge at night

Watching the views of the Budapest in Mission Impossible reminded me how much I enjoyed the city when I was lucky enough to visit in 2006

View from the Buda side of the Chain bridge toward Pest with the Four Seasons hotel
Me in my faux fur, on the chain bridge, with my back to the Buda side of the city.
 I hope the current party that has control of the country does not return it to the isolated and inaccessible state it was in while under Communist control.   However, the situation is not good and more Americans should be aware of what is happening.

Dan with the Chain Bridge behind him.
The current government is controlled by conservative Prime Minister Obistan who has formed alliances with right wing groups that hold nationalistic ideologies that espouse antisemitism and hatred of Romas ("gypsys").   

The new government is restricting free speech and has rewritten the country's constitution in such a way that EU officials and the United States believe make it impossible for change over next several generations. 

A bundled up me in front of the Four Seasons Hotel as I stand at the entrance to the Chain Bridge.
Secretary of State Clinton sent a letter to Prime Minister Orban expressing concern about the future of democracy in Hungary.  European leaders have also shared their concern with Orban.
The view of the Chain Bridge from our Four Seasons hotel room looking out to old town Buda.
  His reaction has been combative and he has refused any suggestions to stop his apparent take over of Hungary's press and judiciary.  The European Union is equally concerned that he is moving toward a take over of Hungary's Central Bank.
Not only would it be a horrible loss for the Hungarians if they have their rights taken from them, it would be a loss to the world to lose access to the country and Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube".
Although the view from our room was spectacular, I thought the room decor was a bit too minimally decorated and modern for my personal taste.

We enjoyed both lunch and dinner at the Cafe Pierrot in old town Buda.

Dan having some Hungarian wine and waiting for dinner.
Great Market Hall
The central market located on the Pest side is the city's largest food/groceries market.

Posing in front the St. Mathias Cathedral

The Fisherman's Bastion

The popular Gellert Spa & Baths
Dan at the Heroes Square memorial


Maria said...

What terrific pictures! You did a great job of documenting your trip. It's too bad that the political situation is so precarious there. But, Julio, I would have liked to have seen more pictures of you!!!

The enchanted home said...

These pictures are gave us such a wonderful narrative and tour. I have never been but these pictures make it enticing. I hope the unrest is settled there soon, its a beautiful country that deserves to live in peace.

HRH The Duchess of State said...

What beautiful photos dahhling. What a shame the current state of affairs there.. I could not agree more with you, that it will be a huge shame should this beautiful city close it's self back up.

Marlis said...

You make me want to go back home. I was raised in Europe and sometimes miss it dearly. Their politics do leave something to be desired. It's sad to know they are head back to the state they were. So sad indeed. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. They are breathtaking! xo marlis

Janie's World said...

Great pictures! They really give you a sense of how beautiful the city is and how...COLD!

Paisley Curtain said...

What a beautiful city Budapest is. Well we hope things get better there and people can travel there from around the world and enjoy the great architecture and culture they have.

Lisha said...

Thank you so much for sharing about their political situation. The pictures are beautiful and I am sure it was trip you will always hold dear...especially should it become difficult to ever return.

Bernadine said...

Thanks for the tour and the awareness. I had no idea. Now I'll have to do some researching about the current situation in Hungary.