Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The House On Nimes Road


I must confess that I am a closet fan of Bravo's Real Housewives. However, up until the Beverly Hills episodes, I was a casual viewer. The opulent and lavish lifestyle and homes of these women made it hard for me NOT to watch.

I especially love the estate of the beautiful and often funny Lisa Vanderpump. But, what really took my breath away was the palatial estate you see here of her real estate developer friend Mohamed Hadid.
(Dining hall)

In the episode where Hadid's home was featured some of the wives were having dinner there. Lisa introduced him simply as her good friend who is a real estate developer.


She mentioned the homeowners as Mohamed and Julia. No last name or other information was shared about the hosting couple.

(Living Room)

So, after the episode, I quickly google'd Bravo's website to see if the show shared more information about Mohamed on it's website.

(Living Room)

Unfortunately, there was nothing available on this mysterious host. I continued my online sleuthing and finally found out the full name of the owner of this beautiful estate.

It turns out Mohamed Hadid , is the developer for several of the Ritz Carlton hotels, including my favorite location in Central Park. I shared a post about the design firm that worked with Hadid Development here.

(Piano Room)

The woman named Julia mentioned in the Real Housewives episode apparently shared the home with Hadid during the filming of the episode.


However, it was Hadid's ex-wife, a former dutch Ford model name Yolanda who is credited for the homes interiors. Yolanda made celebrity news a few months back with the announcement of her engagement to legendary songwriter David Foster.


A press article indicated Yolanda also contributed to the interior designs for the 15 Ritz Carlton hotels that Hadid developed. The chief designer that also worked on the project was the Frank Nicholson Design firm.

(Game Room)

The article further makes note that although she is not a professional designer, her extensive travels throughout Europe and Asia collecting art and antiques and working closely with other design professionals on commercial projects have clearly influenced her tastes and provided a foundation for creating beautiful interiors.


The Bel Air estate sold last year for a reduced(from 85 Mil) price of 72 Million dollars. Both Hadid's Bel Air and Holmby Hills (see below) estates interiors were the design inspirations of Yolanda.

(Master Suite)

Clearly, she took notes during the Ritz Carlton Central Park hotel project.
Both estate's interiors in my opinion, closely resemble the 5 star luxury hotel in Central Park with its warm yet rich colors and lines.

Carolwood Estate in Holmby Hills, California


(Living Room)

(Dining Room)


(Family room & Kitchen)


(Master suite)

(Master Bath)

(Rear Exterior)

Mohamed Anwar Hadid

All photos courtesy of Hadid Development.


Janie's World said...

Wow! Truly a lavish American Palace! A beautiful home. Thanks for sharing. It is so wonderful that it doesn't seem real. Better than a designer showcase home.

The enchanted home said...

No worries you are not alone and there are many "closet watchers" of the show (yours truly) lol.....yes his home is over the top, wow gorgeous breathtaking. OMG....hard to believe its a private home,huh! Truly a palace fit for a king! Thanks for sharing...have a wonderful day!!

Rettabug said...

Thanks I'm thoroughly depressed! LOL
This is an incredible home & every inch of it appeals to me, from the carvings, the heavy wood tones to the beautiful draperies. *sigh* Maybe in my next life!

Thanks for showing it to us.