Monday, April 25, 2011

Set It And They Will Come.......A Field Of Dreams

I am so excited about dinner at the County Line Harvest's(above photo) organic farm in Petaluma, California which is coordinated by Outstanding In The Field ("OITF). Since first learning about this venture, I knew I wanted to some day experience this culinary treat. This year, Dan and I along with 4 other friends will get that opportunity. The guest chef will be Charlie Parker, a bay area local from Plum in Oakland, California.

Since 1999, OITF has set long tables at farms or gardens, on mountain tops, beaches, islands or at ranches. Upon the tables, OTIF's guest chefs serve food that re-connects diners with the land and the origins of their food.

OTIF events boast meals with ingredients that are almost all local (sometimes from sourced within reach of your plate.) The chefs are usually celebrated artisans of the region. The producers of the food, the chefs and the diners all settle down at the long table to share the repast.

OTIF has prepared feasts in across North America and as far as Florence Italy. 90 events a year are stage in various fabulous settings. Below are more photos of table settings on location:

(All images by Jeremy Fenske via Outstanding In The Field)


MaryBeth said...

You are so lucky, I think these are the most beautiful dinners I have ever seen. I can;t wait to hear all about it.

MaryBeth said...

Sorry, can't, just to lazy to type correctly today.

katiedid said...


You are so very lucky!!! How does one get to attend an event like this?! I hope you had a fabulous time! AND are going to go on the home tour this weekend? Will I finally get to meet you in person one day?

AND...will your house ver be on the tour? (Or was it on already and I missed it?).

Janie's World said...

I love the settings for these dinners! The scenery is so grand and the tables seems so tiny in comparison even though it is the longest table setting I have ever seen. What a wonderful opportunity. I hope you do an in depth post on the experience.

Rettabug said...

Magnificent! What a wonderful experience, Julio...I'm green with envy!
Be sure to take LOTS of photos to share with us, please?


Marlis said...

This looks like a fabulous event. Surely you will have some photos to share. How wonderful you got to attend. An event to be cherished.

Zelda said...

I ADORE the idea !!! who made the cooking ?