Friday, June 26, 2009

Leaving Behind A Labor Of Love

A neighbor directly across our park's home is on the market. This is one of my favorite homes in the neighborhood. I just love it's storybook charm curb appeal.

Beautiful built-ins

You could easily see that the homeowners put a lot of hard work and love into the home.

Hopefully, the new homeowners will appreciate their efforts and continue to maintain its updated yet classic beauty. I'm always sad to see a good neighbor that appreciates their home leave. You just never know what the new owners may do with the property. A bad outcome can affect the value of your nearby property.

A dream kitchen....

The kitchen was my first inspiration for wanting white cabinets.

The backyard is a manicured outdoor oasis.

A romantic master bedroom with a fireplace

A nice size walk in closet

And a luxurious master bath that beautifully blends in with the old charm of the home built in 1927.


lady jicky said...

Now that is one beautiful home. I so understand how you are sort of worried about who will buy it now. I have a house over the road up for sale too. Its not as nice as your neighbours but.... its a corner block and that means - developers. Its happening alot where I live lately. Pull down one old nice home and put up 2 to 3 ugly new boxes on that one piece of land. More cars and rubbish bin night - Oh, I do not want to think about it! Wishing you luck !

Melissa said...

The home is beautiful. I understand your sense of worry. I hope the home goes to someone who will give it lots of love and affection.

Paris Atelier said...

oooh The kitchen! I love it, I'll move in, I've always wanted to live in that part of California! So pretty!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

LOVE this home...totally my style! And the outside melted my heart. I surely hope the next homeowner leaves it just the way it is.

Rupert Alistair said...

What a lovely and enchanting home, both inside and out. Comfortable and luxurious, just my taste!
Good luck with the new neighbors ;)