Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guest Post: The Importance of Interior Design and the Right Flooring in the Home By Jennifer Parker

Regardless of whether a home is built from the ground up or an existing structure is being remodeled, it is important to incorporate the following elements: 
Interior design
High-quality design can turn a room with bare white walls and no character into a home that accurately reflects its inhabitants’ style and personalities. Some homeowners choose to complete their own interior design while others hire professionals to do if for them. Regardless of who does the job, the following aspects must be considered:
One of the most important aspects of design is the wall color choices. Using a bright color will open a room up while a dark color can make an oversized room feel more cozy. 

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The next important design element is the incorporation of the right furnishings. This could include acquiring a stylish couch or chair in the living area or a beautiful dining room table that fits the home’s overall design theme. Of course, furnishings can also include small details such as pictures or pillow accents.
Home flooring
Another important aspect to keep in mind when attempting to create a certain look is the choice of flooring. 
Wood floors
Today, many homeowners are choosing prefinished wood floors, which create a sophisticated look throughout the home.  In addition, a variety of options are now available to homeowners such as laminate flooring, which has the look of hardwood floors without the expense. Trending now are dark wood floors, which are elegant and classy; however, homeowners should be aware that having dark flooring, dark furniture and darkly colored walls can make a home appear drab and too dark.  Therefore, it is important to balance the dark elements with lighter accents to ensure the home does not appear gloomy.

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Other flooring options
Most homeowners still prefer having carpet in their bedrooms although wood floors are still very popular in other parts of the house. For bathrooms, many homeowners are choosing tile.  It usually depends on the look a homeowner is going for and how much they can spend as to what type of tile they will use in their home.

The two elements listed above those being home flooring and interior design are both crucial to remember when creating a certain look in a home. Having the right design elements can make or break the overall ambiance of a home. Furthermore, flooring is the base in which the rest of a home's design is built, Therefore choosing these two aspects wisely is vital. 
Author Bio: Jennifer Parker is a handy woman to have around the house. Her passion is home living and she manages a home improvement blog in the living, design, and decor niches. Jennifer is also a freelance writer for Floor and Décor, a flooring retailer specializing in hardwood and laminate flooring. 


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