Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring blossoms at the Russian River

The weather couldn't be more beautiful this past weekend at the cabin in Guerneville.  It was perfect for spending it near the water or taking a long walk alongside the river into town for lunch and maybe a little thrift shopping. Which is exactly what we did. 
It was obvious Spring had arrived at the river.  Colorful blooms could be seen Everywhere.  I just had to bring home some of its beauty into the cabin.  Below are images captured of some of the blooms on our trail back to the cabin from town.


Designs By Pinky said...

What beautiful blooms!!! I recognize almost all of them and I LOOOVE them in your cabin. Of course, I am in love with your cabin anyway so anything you do in there is perfect to me. XO, Pinky

Paisley Curtain said...

It simply is beautiful. What a nice way to unwind. Your cabin :) has turned out to be so elegant..

Best wishes and love for Daniel