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Guest Post: How to Mix Antiques Effectively With Modern Styles?

By: William Robinson

Loveday London Antiques

Georgian Serpentine Chest
Deciding on the style of a home can be challenging.  Often, homeowners get confused by the elements of many periods that appeal to them. Some get drawn to the elegance of craftsman
techniques while at the same time finding the comfort of Victorian style furniture irresistible.  It is possible to have a mix of pieces from various eras.

Those with a Georgian sideboard and an Eames chair may wonder if the two can go together.  With a few principles, homeowners can mix modern and antique furniture to create the style that reflects exactly who they are.

Pay close attention to the pieces used.

 Ensure the entire room has the same basic shapes.
Curved pieces should be used with curved pieces. Angular mirrors can be placed next to coffee tables that have the same lines. Modern painting with wavy lines can be placed next to an antique sculpture or sofa with the same feel.
Painted mirror

Use neutral backgrounds when mixing modern and antique pieces. Let the pieces in the room speak for themselves. Paint walls with a crisp Navajo white. To make the pieces stand out, make the wall colour fade into the background. Good colours that work well with a mix of modern and antique décor include light yellows and fading shades of brown.

Use accessories

This should be used judiciously. The room should be designed to create greater focus on the mix of antique and modern styles. Use only a handful of pillows on the corners of the couch.  Let the open spaces of the modern furniture stand out. Keep all accessories such as flower vases, family photos and vases at a bare minimum. Consider using black and white pictures
rather than colour photographs.

Maintain the same scale in the room

This depends on the size of the room. Tailored pieces do not go well with overstuffed
furniture. Low profile furniture with good construction and fabrics go well with modern
furniture. Position a large fainting couch next to a beautifully curved 17th century grandfather
clock. Or place a modernist lamp on top of a small marble table. The scale of the pieces
should work together.

Use new fabrics

Upholster Recamier sofa with marimekko fabric. Breathe some life into old pieces by using
fabric choices that complement the modern room elements.
Marimekko pattern

Create a unifying element in the room.

Curved Windsor chairs go well with angular modern tables. Place oriental rugs in a room with modern art and leather furniture or platform beds with pine chests. Another stunning design is to include Scandinavian country pieces with modern designs.

Accent a room with antique pieces with a few modern touches. Limit the influence of the modern pieces by creating an eye-catching focal point. For instance, hang a modern painting in a traditional dining room.

Minimize furniture

Beautiful rooms do not have a lot of furniture. Save space and focus on mixing few good
pieces of modern and antique furniture. Put clothing storage in the bedroom closet and focus
on incorporating high quality modern bed frames with neo-classical end tables topped with
high-tech lamps.

Author Bio:

William Robinson works at Loveday
Antiques who stock a wide range of antique furniture as well as specialist modern art pieces.
He enjoys working in the antiques trade and going to antique fairs and has his own collection
of footballing memorabilia.

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