Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Latest Cabin Update

Greetings!  Thank you all for the email messages expressing concern about my absence from the blog.  My family and I are in good health.  I've been giving more of my "alone" time to the little guy lately since he seems to be growing so fast.  He will already be starting Kindergarten this fall.  Time is really starting to fly.
    I wanted to share with you the lined rod pocket drapes in a Stewart plaid fabric which I had made by a very talented seamstress name Fanny.  I hung 2 of the panels in one of the bedrooms just to see how they drape...just beautiful!
 I found the vintage cosmetic train case on ebay in the same fabric.
    The 10 panels will go in both the great room and dining room.  They measure approximately 58" wide by 84" long.   Fanny is also re-doing a pair of lamp shades and making accent pillows for the great room in the same Stewart plaid fabric.  This will give the room a more custom look.  The porcelain tiles are scheduled to be installed in the coming days.
The porcelain tile made to resemble slate for the back room,bathroom floor and shower walls.
The antique white vanity with Earth tone granite top and white basin for the bathroom.

Bathroom faucet


Designs By Pinky said...

That plaid is stunning! Can't wait to see everything. How fortunate to find the train case too! Glad to see you back. XO, Pinky PS, PLEASE remove word verification????

Table Escapes said...

Hi Julio, you are so smart to spend more time with your son...they do grow up so fast....absolutely love the dark plaid...have a wonderful day, Sharon

vignette design said...

You know how much I love plaid Julio! It's going to be stunning. Cannot wait to see it all together.
Can't believe your boy is starting kindergarten already.
My boy is graduating from college on Saturday. Indeed, where does the time go? Spend as much time as you can with your guy. ~Delores

Anonymous said...

Julio, I am so happy you are back. The curtains are beautiful, I just know your cabin is going to be amazing. Love your little one. It's true, they grow up so fast. I hug and kiss my teenagers every chance I get. Sometimes I have to run after them to hug them. (hahaha)

Bernadine said...

I love your curtains and the way you styled the secretary. Also love the handsome lamps. Just beautiful.

Maria said...

Julio, I love this plaid! What a gorgeous choice! I can't wait to see the completed window treatments! So rich, and so timeless!

I would love to see you talk about your choice of faucets for the bathroom. They seem to have a satin finish. Why satin instead of a shiny finish? I'm curious as to how you made your decision.

The enchanted home said...

LOVE the plaid!!!! What a beautiful picture.