Monday, February 13, 2012

Secretary of Interiors

About a week ago I purchased this 1940's Maple Chippendale style Secretary in Mill Valley for only $150.00.   An unbelievable steal of a deal.  I love the color, glass pane doors,bow front drawers,claw feet and finial top.

We purchased it for the vacation home in Russian River.  The current plan is to place it in a corner the great room.

I wasted no time staging the piece above in the 3rd bedroom which will be converted into a formal dining room.  I found a nice brass candelabra table lamp that would work great on the desk top.
Inspiration Photos:
Architectural Digest Magazine
A similar Chippendale style secretary but with flat front drawers fits perfectly in this traditional master bedroom.  Notice the brass candelabra table lamp?
Traditional Home Magazine
 Another beautiful secretary with a trellis pane pattern(also with a brass candelabra lamp) is an excellent compliment to the living room.

 The History Of The Secretary Desk
The term “Secretaire” is a French term for a type of bureau desk in  translation a ‘secretary’. Like a bureau, it has a drop front that pulls  out to reveal a writing surface, small drawers and pigeonholes. Its  front, however, is usually disguised as a drawer which, when let down,  is supported on semicircular brass slides known as quadrants.[Complete Story]


DecoratorsBest said...

That gingham dust ruffle is lovely! Is that Schumacher's Avon Gingham Plaid? We've got it on our site and love the way you used it!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

$150???? My god. Would never happen in CT! Good on you!

Love your inspiration bedroom - I could live there quite happily, thank you very much LOL.

Happy Valentine's Dday to all of you!

Janie's World said...

What a STEAL indeed!!! I can't wait to see your cabin when you are done, you are off to a FANTASTIC start.

Anonymous said...

Love it! My aunt is leaving me hers someday. Will save this blogfor ideas.-Ann

Ann said...

Wow what a deal!! I never have such good luck :)

HRH The Duchess of State said...

deal? steal? dahhling it was robbery! good for you! gorgeous piece.

Paisley Curtain said...

What a great find this secretary is. It is absolutely beautiful and in great shape. Hope you will enjoy for years to come.

maison21 said...

what a fabulous color! i love a governor winthrop secretary, adn you found an awesome one - for an awesome price!

Anonymous said...

I lament the loss of appreciation of solidly crafted furniture and find that the secretary has gone the way of others, once staples of home decor. Incidentally, the lamp you refer to as a 'brass chandelier' syle is actually called a bouillotte lamp. The name comes from an 18th c. card game, played while using such a lamp in fashionable French interiors.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I have that same desk. It has been in my family since the 1930's that I know about and maybe before that. And I am getting ready to leave it to the next generation. I love my desk. It served me in my primary school days and my graduate school days and is now my business desk. It still looks perfect in every way. You got a steal on that price. Lucky you. I hope you will enjoy your desk as much as I enjoy and treasure mine. Ann