Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home Inspection

We completed the home inspection and based on the seller's disclosures the findings were unsurprising.  The home may require tenting for pests and  some dry rot,  plumbing and electrical repairs will need immediate attention before we can start on any cosmetic work i.e. new floors,light fixtures and appliances.  The roof looks good for another decade.  Not bad for a 78 year old log cabin in the redwoods! Below are more photos,  as promised, of the interior and a diagram of the floor plan.
Front of the cabin
Papa Dan and Little Daniel inspecting the grounds
Rear Exterior
Backyard(perfect for a pool)
Great Room
 An old wood burning stove to the right helps heat the cabin during the winter season
Love the open space with the stone fireplace and high ceilings.
Another view of the great room with 2 of the 3 bedrooms to the left of the front door. 
All the paneling is redwood.

Kitchen (more redwood!)
One of the 3 bedrooms
Bathroom(shower stall directly opposite of the commode)
One of the smaller neighborhood beaches across the road from the cabin
View of the river looking west from the beach

View of the river looking east  from the beach


Current 3 Bedroom Floor Plan Courtesy of Realtor
I altered the above floor plan to show one of the immediate projects which is to convert Bedroom 1 into a dining room with french doors to the  front deck.

Please stay tuned for future photos and updates on the transformation as well as design inspirations and ideas for this project.


Diane said...

Awesome cabin. Looking forward to reno's as they happen. Diane

The Sewing Loft said...

Oh lucky you! Beautiful setting and such a cozy cabin. I felt relaxed just looking at the pictures. Looking forward to following the redo.


Kerry said...

I love it; what a charming cabin. However, I do not like the formal dining room --- I thought that was my bedroom!!!

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Congratulations dahhling! I am looking forward to seeing the ongoing transformation.

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DanaOHaley said...

I LOVE the dining room addition!!! Cannot wait to see it! Dana

arrielle_p said...

A cabin like this is one of the place I want to live with. Love that kitchen design. :)

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Love the cabin a unique redwood design with high ceiling. Very sophisticated wood house for me, and the view to the river was very awesome.

jone said...

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