Friday, May 13, 2011

Edwardian Era (1900s)

A wonderful look into the Edwardian era. What I found most interesting was the fact that in this entire clip, I noticed only 3 individuals without a hat. It prompted me to look up the fashion etiquette during this time and found this little article via Fashion-Era:

In the Edwardian age it did not matter if you were poor or rich, old or a child, whatever the status a person wore a hat, only beggars went bareheaded. Even militant suffragettes did not campaign without a hat. The hat would be fairly functional in style and form, but a hat was still worn.

Hat Decline After WarsWomen - Military Influenced Hat 1918

Once the Great War of 1914-18 began, fashion was influenced by the new wartime employment activities women had to engage in and the need for more practical utilitarian dress could not help but filter into what there was of mainstream fashion. Uniforms were everywhere as women did jobs once done by men and every job had a distinct uniform.


xinex said...

Very interesting, Julio. Everybody looked so dressed up. Thanks for sharing the video..Christine

vignette design said...

Love the music for this video--so moody. Thanks for sharing this. I'm always fascinated by what life was like way back when. People definitely dressed nicely when in public. Wish it was a little like that still. My mother in law would never be without her white gloves when on the streets of San Francisco! ~Delores