Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas In November

Well, after visiting Oliveaux's blog I was inspired to begin my Christmas right away. I have been anxiously waiting for Christmas as this will be my 1 year old son's first real Christmas with us so I couldn't wait to decorate and watch the excitement in his face. Out of respect for Thanksgiving, we agreed that we would only decorate the Family and Library room for now.

Of course, we couldn't set up this early with a fresh tree so we purchased an inexpensive artificial white tree(macfrugals)for $49.00.

When baby Daniel saw the tree for the first time, his entire face lit up. His response was "oooooooohhhh". It was a beautiful site. He seemed so amazed seeing his reflection in the ornaments. Naturally, it prompted his next instinct which was to reach out to feel the ornaments. However, we have amazingly done a very good job(so far) of getting him to refrain from touching when told. So, instead, I removed the ornaments that he seemed most enamored with and allowed him to feel and observe the ornament from my hand.

Here is baby Daniel exploring the miniature artificial tree in the Library.


Paris Atelier said...

Ah! Now you've inspired me to start decorating! It's my little ones first Christmas (& his 1st birthday, he's a Christmas baby)! I can't wait to get started!

OLIVEAUX said...

Oooh your Christmas photo's are stunning! I am so glad you have not worried about what people think & set your tree up. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia - there have been Christmas Decorations in the stores for weeks now & so I am very excited...trying to hold back on posting too much just yet. Have a great weekend.

Cote de Texas said...

I love your pictures - !! your house is soooo adorable! thanks for your comment today, much appreciated!!!


vicki archer said...

Your rooms look so beautiful - I must hurry up!
My children are grown up (kind of!) and they still want more decorations at Christmas time than ever. If I say I am too busy to fuss or I will make it more simple this year they really complain... so once the harvest is over I will be up the ladder. xv

Anonymous said...

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