Monday, September 22, 2008

Neighborhood's Annual Art Fair

Over the weekend, our neighborhood held its 2nd annual art fair in our park which is directly across from our home. There were over 40 vendors that participated this year ranging from sculptural artists,photographers,painters to folk singers and face painting. Hundreds attended in support of the local artists which was great to see. I was extremely impressed with many of the participating artist's work. I was not able to attend last year's event so did not know what to expect. I ASSumed it would be filled with tie-dyed t-shirts,souvenir jewelry and many of the same items I've seen in other neighborhood or small fairs. That was not the case(at least for this year). Many of the artists works had the quality and were as beautiful as any I had seen in professional art galleries. In fact, many also had works in our city's most popular galleries. Best of all, they were offering their works at the fair for nearly half price. I managed to take some photos of the event while taking Rococco for her daily stroll around the park. I will definitely be prepared to go shopping at next year's event.

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