Friday, August 30, 2019

Pied-à-terre galerie d'art

Bonjour!!!  Now that the (not so) little guy is back to school..yay! I have some free time to share photos of our recent family summer vacation in July on the blog.

We flew out of SFO international to our first stop, Paris, France.  We stayed in Paris for 4 nights.  Our full itinerary was: 3 nights Paris, France-5 nights Amsterdam,Holland-5 nights Zurich, Switzerland than 4 final nights back in Paris, France.

We were fortunate to find and book this classic 6th floor 1 bedroom pied a terre for our first 3 nights stay in Paris.   The apartment is located on the famous Faubourg in the 8th arrondissement directly across from the 5 star Hotel Bristol.  

The apartment owner John-Paul, an art and antique dealer which was apparent by the decor of the apartment.   He recently closed down his art gallery which was located on the first floor of the building. 

The kitchen was very small but functional.  We had already planned to eat out the entire time as neither Papa Dan nor I was interested in cooking or washing dishes on this vacation.

More importantly what we loved and appreciated the most about this apartment?  Was the terrific air conditioning units.  Especially, during our stay which was a time when Paris was experiencing an unusual heat wave with temperatures in the high 90's  to over 100 degrees on some days.
It was such a great welcome and relief to return to a cool apartment after a busy and extremely hot day touring the city. 

David, the co-owner was our host and was very friendly,professional and attentive.  We highly recommend this apartment.  Another amazing thing about this apartment is the affordability!.  Under $300.00 a night.  And, like most apartments, a 7 night minimum was NOT required.  We highly recommend this apartment.  In fact, we're hoping it's still available when we visit again soon.

If you're interested in booking this beautiful apartment, click here.


The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

I always enjoy your posts. The Little American is growing up! Love your photos and hearing about your adventures. :) Barb

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